Members of the Karmic Board



The Karmic Board in turn looks upon the MOTIVES behind such activities and assigns each soul to a realm whose vibratory action is akin to such an one’ s consciousness. Also at this time a Teacher either volunteers or is assigned to such a soul so that it will better understand the reason for its being, and upon its return to Earth in the next embodiment have opportunity to make restitution.

As a man sows, so shall he reap! Therefore all energy the soul has misqualified becomes  ‘evil’  karma and that which he qualified in a constructive manner is good karma. It is ofttimes referred to as the Law of Cause and Effect.


GODDESS OF JUSTICE AND OPPORTUNITY - BELOVED LADY PORTIA -- Present 'Spokesperson' for the Karmic Board.

GODDESS OF LOVE, BELOVED LADY NADA,    also Messenger of Mighty God and Goddess Meru.


GODDESS OF MERCY, BELOVED LADY KWAN YIN, also Hierarch of the Temple of Mercy, Beying China

GODDESS OF LIBERTY .... also the Silent Watcher of New York State.

ELOHIM VISTA, (Cyclopea) Elohim of the Fifth Ray.

LORD SAITHRTHU,   Great Manu of the Seventh Root Race.

[From the book Friendship with the God's Part One, one of our publications]


The old biblical superstitions about judgment and punishment are not true. Standing before your Judges at the end of every embodiment is one of the most precious experiences you can ever have. These are tremendous exalted Beings of enormous Love, Compassion and Wisdom. They all renounced Nirvana to stay in the orbit of this world to help the evolutions of the Earth. There is nothing to fear for encountering this Board. The only reasons for remorse are the missed opportunities during that lifetime, which everyone has to face. Beloved ones, now is the time to sow and follow the directives so lovingly being given by your own Holy Christ Self. Do not longer accept the machinations and fears of your ego, your lower self and have the COURAGE  to become what you are ordained to be: The Presence of the Christ. It is all within you. You don't have to go anywhere, and it is within reach of EVERY human being. Try it, and keep on, keeping on......!

In the next pages the Members of the Karmic Board will give a discourse about several topics.

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