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[ In reverence to the artists: Gilbert Williams and Jim Warren]


Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth, Member of the Karmic Board, serving on the Fifth Ray.


  Beloved Ones,

I greet you today in Love and Brotherhood, as we continue to work together for the cause of Truth and Freedom for this beloved planet!

Is it not wonderful, to realize that in this great endeavor, we never work alone? I bow to the strength of the Mighty Threefold Flame in your hearts, which motivates you to work unceasingly for the redemption of the earth and all life upon her! The balanced activities of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power, which hold you to your tasks as you walk the Path of Mastery, are sustained at all times by the Brotherhood to which you belong. You are continually surrounded by the supportive Love of all who abide in the Octaves of Light!

Ponder this for just a moment! In all phases of the Divine Plan, as they are brought forth into manifestation for the good of the whole, our Brotherhood works as One. The consciousness of this unity of purpose is more easily sustained in group work, of course; but, the reality of this unity is unchangeable. It is Divine Truth. You have heard the age-old statement, "All things work together for good, to those who love God." The correct quote is "All work together for good, those who love God!"  

If all humanity was able to attain a consciousness of the Oneness of all life, right now, the Ascension Flame would immediately rush forth to carry all lifestreams home to the Heart of God! Within this consciousness of complete at-one-ment, misqualification of energy would be impossible; for all would realize what is done to one is done to all! However, in the absence of this knowledge, each man feels alone unto himself.

Each man thus blinded by the veils of his own creation, reaches forth in the dark for the comforting presence of someone, anyone, who will understand, and take his hand and be his brother! My heart reaches out in compassion to these beloved children! So often do I wish that I could hold such ones to My breast, and speak to them as I speak to you! So often do I wish to tell them "ENOUGH! It is enough, beloved Ones! Come home now!" I know from the Love in your hearts, that you feel the same way.


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