Artist: Gilbert Williams.


From within this Love and Compassion, and with the full desire for the Freedom and Victory of every member of earth's evolutions, I wish to express my gratitude to you, blessed chelas, for your every effort to expand the light to our brothers and sisters in the world of form! I also wish to remind you that, in order to be able to expand the gifts of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom upon the earth, these gifts must be firmly anchored in your own lifestreams! Today I wish to bring to you an understanding of the inter-relationship of the Fifth Ray activities to those qualities and momentums present in the Pure Light Substance, which is so freely given to all mankind from the Hearts of your Glorious God Parents, Helios and Vesta. As you well know, the specific activities of the Fifth Ray are Consecration, Concentration, Healing, and-of course-My own quality of Truth. 

On the other hand, pure White Light is a blending of the Rays in absolute balance. A perfect example of Pure White Light would be the majestic Sun Gods and Goddesses, known to your astronomers as White Giants. These Beings are endowed with, and express, Pure Light Energy, which each of you will one day come to master. Your training, as you have passed through the Seven Spheres, has done much to prepare you for Cosmic Service in some future time, but it is the conservation and wise use of this energy which will enable you to progress upon the path of enlightenment and freedom. Your primary objective is to master the Life Force which you draw from the Universal Storehouse, and to use it in a constructive manner for the benefit of all life, thereby becoming a manifest example of the Christ.

I urge you to concentrate your energy, in order that you may rise far above the level of the mass consciousness, to which so many are bound. It is easy to allow your energies to become fragmented and scattered in your efforts. In the drawing together of your talents, or concentration of your effort, you are enabled to bring your gifts to bear upon the task at hand

I now desire to address your individual search for Truth. There are many students of the Ascended Masters who exhibit an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge, hoping to discover the key which will unlock the latent powers of their own God Self, so they may transcend the human experience, ascending into a higher state of consciousness. Back unto the dawn of recorded time, humanity has endeavored to discover the secrets of the universe - the ultimate truth and reality of life. 

In some cases learned individuals were initiated into the Lodges of the Brotherhood, after many years of study, at which point they were given access to knowledge that the average human intellect could not grasp, much less use, for the benefit of their fellow man. In many cases this knowledge was misused, adding great karmic liability to the lifestreams involved. It is to this end that I caution you.

While it is certainly commendable to aspire to the highest expression you can achieve, you have also assumed certain responsibilities, both at inner and outer levels, which must be fulfilled before you graduate from this schoolroom called Earth. I urge you to search for the Truth that will help you on your pilgrimage. Do not seek knowledge which is of no use to your lifestream! To seek knowledge just for the sake of self is a waste of energy, that fills the mind with seldom used facts and information, which then obscure your true focus.

In order to progress upon the Path of self-mastery, you must maintain your focus. You must be able to concentrate, and hold your attention upon the point you wish to reach, with unwavering Faith and Consecration.

Your personal progress, as well as that of all mankind, does not have to be complicated! Our purpose, in maintaining contact with the Earth plane, is to assist you in your growth. Acceptance of Our gifts is of primary importance, for if you cannot receive, understand, and then utilize Our instructions, then you are wasting Our efforts, as well as your own!

At the beginning of the Christian Dispensation, Master Jesus said "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!" He also stated "I AM the way, the truth and the life. No man comes unto the Father but by Me." These statements, assumed to be promises, have revealed themselves to be vital prophecies of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom! All men, individually and consciously, shall come to know the truth, and that truth shall make them free! The I AM Presence is "the Way" of which He spoke. It may be reached through the Holy Christ Self within your heart, and every human heart! This is the Christ that Master Jesus embodied, and He taught that it is embodied in you, as well.

If I, Pallas Athena, tell you that every person is moving forward toward the Light of ultimate victory, will you accept it? This is the truth that forms the nucleus around which the Immaculate Concept [het volmaakte beeld] is formed. It is the ultimate truth that I ask you to hold for each lifestream, and the entire family of man! Remember that the borders of our Father's Kingdom encompass all life!

You have been told that you are your brother's keeper. As you walk your individual path to the One Goal, what is your responsibility toward your fellow travelers? You know that you are responsible for your own use of energy through free will choice. You are not responsible for the choices of others, but, because of your expanded Spiritual understanding, you are expected to set the highest example possible for all within your sphere of influence.

You have been told by the Ascended Masters not to give advice unless it is asked of you. If it is asked, you must think carefully before you speak, silently invoking your I AM Presence to speak through you. After invoking your Presence, if you still do not know how to advise, then you must remain silent. These are two simple guidelines that you will find useful.  

In all personal relationships, as well as global concerns, your responsibility is twofold. First, you must hold the Immaculate Concept at all times. When you are faced with illusions that seem to indicate anything less than perfection, address only the Inner Christ, and never the outer man, for the Christ within every man is the only way home to the Father-Mother God!

Second, you must blaze the Sacred Transmuting Flame through all outer appearances to transmute illusions and restore Divine Order. If you feel unable to penetrate the outer illusion, become still; go within and call on Me! I AM at your side instantly to enfold you in My cosmic momentum of Divine Truth. All that you need to know shall be revealed to you at exactly the right time and in the right way! If patience is required, accept it gracefully as part of your training and discipline

Study My words well and put them to use in your worlds. You will rejoice with Me in your Freedom! My Love is embodied in Truth. I can give you no higher gift!

                                                                            PALLAS ATHENA

[ Excerpts from different Bridge Journals ]