Elohim Vista of the Fifth Ray



Also known as Cyclopea, the all seeing Eye of God. Divine Complement Lady Crystal; activities: Concentration and Consecration.

Beloved Children of the One Holy Source,

Many gifts have been given to you. Now, it is time to open them - to discover what they truly are - and to put them to use in your lives and worlds. Discover the gift of life that you are! For so long man has looked outside of himself for everything; his food, shelter, and everything he requires to survive. Physical things are necessary, of course; but he has sought leaders, teachers, and understanding outside of himself, as well.

My beloved ones, do you always look only at the outside of a gift, and at the beauty of the wrappings? Gifts are meant to be opened and the wrappings discarded! Gifts must be discovered, for only then can they be put to use! I bring My gifts - inner sight and hearing - and I give them freely! The key is in the opening of these gifts. You must look within, and you must hear within!

I came to direct your inner vision to the heights of your possibilities of expression. For this reason, I AM always with you. This single vision has always been a part of your being. It is directed by your freewill, and mastery lies within this power. The mystery that surrounds the Single Eye of God was created by the mind of man. The Single Eye was given to mankind at the very beginning of his outer expression on the Earth, which is the world of form. At first, it was his only way of perceiving.

With the coming of the Great Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara [On January 21st 1956, Beloved Sanat Kumara Who had held the Office of Lord of the World for four and a half million years, was permitted to return to His home Star - Venus], the gift of two eyes was given, so that humankind could observe their powers of manifestation. However, with this gift, the attention of humanity shifted to the outer manifestation. Eventually, the outer appearances took command of their attention, clouding the ability to understand the principles involved.


Whether your outer physical eyes are open or closed makes no difference to the single eye within. Once it has received the instructions that only you may give through the various avenues of your desires, interests, curiosities, and fears, it will dwell upon that, until it has drawn the corresponding manifestations into your beings and worlds. This is a power understood by very few, even to this day. Many times it has been said that you become that upon which you dwell, and this is a powerful truth to ponder until its full significance is understood. That which you behold, you become.

The Single Eye of God, which is My privilege to represent to the children of Earth, must follow the same law of freewill as that of any other gift of the Godhead. In the physical world, you have the opportunity to direct your single vision as you choose. Sometimes, it will follow the outer vision, but this is not beyond the control of your freewill. Many people choose to close their eyes to outer events, because they do not like them, even though they have unwittingly taken part in their creation.

To the chela [student of the Master of Wisdom], the outer manifestation is only the symbol of the inner direction. This is as it should be. Every Master of Light with Whom you work asks that you do not judge by the outer appearance, but use it symbolically to realize the need of the hour. Having done this, you must direct your attention to the healing required through the mighty power of the single inner eye.


The purpose of the inner eye is to lift your gaze toward the Presence of God "I AM" for its every instruction. When this is fully understood, you will take great care to not permit your vision - inner or outer - to rest upon any condition that you do not wish to encounter, for manifest it shall.

The elemental kingdom is often overlooked, and its powers underestimated by humanity, for it has become so much a part of your lives. Everywhere you look, the elements have been at work. It is they who came first and created this world for all of humankind to come and learn the lessons necessary to their evolution. The elementals support your very existence upon this planet. They are constantly at work repairing and restoring all of the damage done over eons of time. From the careless lighting of a fire, that is then left unattended to destroy an entire forest, to the deliberate decision to dump dangerous chemicals into the waters of the Earth, mankind has polluted the very substance needed for his survival.


It has been said that the elementals, by their very nature, mirror what they see, and feel and externalize whatever is going on around them. Isn't it time to take this into consideration, and assist in the purification of this planet more fully, to allow the required peace and harmony to manifest? With the planet itself at peace, won't it then spread to mankind, who is so closely connected with the Earth as a mother and a home?

Many people all over the planet have awakened and tuned into this request and are assisting wherever their consciousness will allow them. I am here to say to you - do the same. Work at the level of your consciousness. Make the call to all the Great Beings concerned. Hold the Immaculate Concept of perfection for this planet! Be the example and do all that you can to assist in this work!

Be assured that all of Us are here in force with Our Mighty Legions of Angels and Directors of Elemental Life to protect, guard, guide, and serve the life on this dear Planet. I ask you now - will you rededicate yourselves to this endeavor at this moment? Let us work together for all life on the Earth - the Human, Angelic, and Elemental Kingdoms.

We are ever so grateful for any assistance you can render at this time in Earth's evolution.

Beloved ones, take My instructions within your hearts, and ponder the Truth in that sacred place! Place your all on the altar of the Most High Living God, and let it reveal Itself to your inner vision and hearing. Know that I AM with you, and that you will receive whatever you require as you continue upon the Path of Light-home to the Heart of your Father-Mother God.


[From: The Bridge Journal, November 1992]