A Manu is a great spiritual Being Who is placed in charge of the evolution of a Root Race with Its seven sub-races. There are seven such Manus in the present Era. The first Three accomplished Their mission; the other Four are now active on Earth. They are: Himalaya of the Fourth Root Race; Vaivasvata of the Fifth Root Race; Meru of the Sixth Root Race, and Saithrhu, formerly known as the Great Divine Director, of the Seventh Root Race. [ The Fourth Root Race accomplished its mission in 2014 we were told...the staff ]

Root Races

The evolution of man is accomplished through Seven Root Races with their seven sub-races. The First Root Race appeared under the protection of  the Sun and was called the Race of Gods! It developed where now the North Pole is located. The Second Root Race appeared under the protection of Jupiter and developed on the second Continent call Hyperborean, on the North of Asia, extending as far West as Sweden, and Norway, part of the British Isles and Greenland. The Third Root Race came under the protection of Mars and was called Lemurian. The Fourth Root Race came under the influence of Saturn and developed on Atlantis. The Earth is still peopled by a great number of them. The Fifth Root Race is under the protection of Mercury - Its principal mission being to develop the intellect. The Sixth Root Race will be established where North America is now. The Seventh Root Race will be established on South America...At the present there are on the Earth a great number of souls belonging to the Sixth and Seventh Root Races. The cycle is very much delayed. The Fourth Root Race especially should have left the earth for a higher evolution long ago; thus over population, because the Sixth and Seventh root races are destined to enter now.  

The Lemurean Race was the Third Root Race, the Atlantean the Fourth. The Chinese people are descendants of the Fourth Root Race. The European people are sub races of the Fifth Root Race.



  Manu of the Seventh Root Race


Beloved people of Earth, I greet you on behalf of My Root Race and Its Sub-races. Little you know of Me or My Service or of My People. Therefore, I invite you into My Presence this morning.

A Manu is a Being Who primarily has taken the great opportunity of molding a great number of Spirit Sparks into a specific God Design, to render a tremendous service when the time is required upon the Planet, where the Manu is to either embody or to send forth His Emissaries.

I represent Their God-Father, you might say. In My case, I shall not embody because the Earth, through the assistance of the children of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the tremendous calls for the Violet Flame, is being purified enough, particularly of the disembodied entities and the removal at the close of the Earth span of souls who would otherwise have to re-embody, and by the removal of the etheric records in the living and the so-called dead.

When it is of the hour of accomplishment, when the Gates of Heaven do open, there shall come forth the First Sub-race representing the Activity of the Violet Ray of Ceremonial, all equipped with magnificent voices, all able to both precipitate and levitate at the time of birth, with the knowledge of Their Heavenly Realm, with no veil between.

This great Race is due to come forth for the most part in the South American Continent, although We have experimented, and successfully, with the inculcation of several members of the First Sub-race belonging to My Dominion in the North American Continent. We have chosen South America because across Brazil and all through that country which is now jungle, the Earth has had some time to rest. Ask for the Ascended Master Saint Germain to purify that stretch across the Equator and give to Us a beautiful verdant Earth which Lady Amaryllis Herself will adorn with beauty and clear up the human effluvia [negativity].

Within the very Earth Itself, down to about fifteen feet below Its surface, all through and across from Peru to where the Amazon flows out to Rio de Janeiro, is an activity of the Violet Fire established. This results ( and you will see it in your papers) in a great number of poisonous reptiles and various effluvia being spewed forth in the Amazon and then out to the Ocean; and the Amazon will no longer be a flood of mud-tide but the beautiful sapphire blue which is the color of the waters of Our Kingdom.

As Manu, there is one Root .... and that has seven branches. It is like one tree with seven great branches; only they do not all flower at once. They flower, each one, starting from the left on to the right until the seven sub-races have found expression and completion. Then the Manu and all the sub-races join together and Ascend, even as They have descended before. This may clarify for you something which perhaps was confusing within the mind consciousness.

As for Myself, I shall materialize at the proper time. I shall not take an infant form but I shall materialize when the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain's Kingdom is established on the Earth fully, when humankind, elementals and Angels are all joined together in harmony. Then I can bring in the great numbers of those mighty Beings Whom I Fathered and whom I love and They, in turn will enhance the perfection of that Golden Age.

With the intense Light, which is increasing daily, and will continue so to do, the inner bodies of the entire Earth . . . are being bathed in the Essence of Divinity. However, the majority of lifestreams embodied here are experiencing turbulent conditions in their beings and worlds. Why have We stressed all these years the constant use of the Violet Transmuting Flame, except for the purification of the vehicles of all humankind and all the evolutions of this Earth? 

Had this blessed activity of Divine Alchemy been used constantly for all life, much more of the unredeemed karma of the peoples on the planet today would not be expressing in conditions of distress. When one encounters imperfect manifestations in their own families or others, do not dwell upon them. To the very best of your ability, accept and use the Violet Transmuting Flame to clean up the imperfection which is brought to your attention.

You love the Ascended Master Saint Germain, of course; but it is time you actively expressed that love by using His gift of the Violet Flame, which is an integral part of His Own Being. Consciously know that, in this Age of Freedom, a tremendous momentum has been built by loyal chelas [students of an Ascended Master]. The action can be instantaneous, if coupled with the FAITH which propels it into action. If one does not have faith in that in which he is engaged, manifestation does not occur. You may think you have faith, but until you can let go of the 'ifs' and 'buts', that faith is not expressing in its fullness.  

Faith is not a half-way measure. You can be sure of that. Faith is a component of the First Ray. In order for the Will of God to express, faith must precede the activity. You have faith in the changing of the seasons, and in the light of the sun. Even though one does not see the sunlight every day, you know the reality of its presence. Each and every individual, through the immortal Victorious Threefold Flame, carries the quality of faith within them. That faith in the constructive activities which We point out to you is ever-present, just waiting to be called into action through the knowing feeling of the truth of the Divine Alchemy of the Violet Transmuting Flame. The time is drawing nigh when Perfection must be expressed in its fullness upon this planet.

I have been referred to as THE GREAT DIVINE DIRECTOR! Truly, each of you, when you can fully realize and accept that the Christ within is the Directing Intelligence of your beings, and allow that Christ full freedom to express through you, will be a 'Great Divine Director'. It is actually a synonym for the Presence of God within your heart - the Holy Christ Self.

I wish to relieve you of any tension or condemnation of the self for what 'might have been'. With all the FAITH OF MY BEING, I now direct the Legions at My Command to blaze and blaze and blaze the Violet Transmuting Flame through your beings and worlds, and all the peoples on this planet. If you can and will accept, through your faith in this Activity, the purification which is to take place today, I assure you that you will be reborn, through just KNOWING and ACCEPTING that the Violet Flame is one of the greatest gifts which could be brought to you this day - your freedom from all limitation! I AM in great anticipation of your grateful acceptance and love.

[from: Friendship with the Gods Part two.]

                                              LORD SAITHRHU.