Goddess of Liberty.

Member of the Karmic Board, Silent Watcher for New York State....has a Focus through the Statue in the Harbor of New York City... Virtue - Liberty  

Children walking the way of Earth, I AM" Liberty, Liberty of thought, of feeling, of word and of action; Liberty to be the fullness of your God-self embodied; Liberty to release through that God-self anything and everything that will be a benediction to you and to your fellowmen. "I AM" not bound by  flesh; Cosmic Spheres are My activity of service. Yet to anyone who desires Liberty, there “I AM”. "I AM" that Flame within your hearts, liberating those powers that have lain dormant until expanding through you they can and will do the same so-called miracles performed by Beloved Jesus in His day. Liberty, beloved ones, is a most glorious gift; Liberty when used wisely allows the soul purified to become humble and the Spirit to expand to greatness until all are Free.

I place in your hands, My gift of Liberty, as I took the hand of your Beloved Saint Germain when he passed through the change called death into the Ascension and I offered Him all the strength of my lifestream to help to bring first political Liberty and then Spiritual Liberty to the peoples of Earth. So I give My hand to you now, even though you are not ready for that change, walking with your hand in Mine to bring Liberty in this generation; Liberty to all that are bound. Thank God - that you do not see all that are in bondage but yet in your calls impersonally for all life, make it for the Liberty and Freedom not only of elementals and human beings and imprisoned Angels but Liberty and Freedom from all the structure of this Earth. This Earth was so beautiful ages ago and that Liberty of the essence and substance that has been misqualified by human creation can come about at your call.


You can liberate from within a glass all of the substance that has been charged into it by everyone who has drunk from it. Then you can fill the glass with ordinary water and CHARGE IT with whatever quality and power that is required, whether it be faith, illumination, love, truth, consecration, peace or the power of the SACRED FIRE of the VIOLET RAY. USE THAT NOW -- for thousands of years the orthodox churches have used the communion, and they have accepted in their feelings that peace after they have taken that communion. Now, no need for a mediator between you and your God; where there is a requirement for health, there is always handy the primal substance of water; charge it with the quality required and give it to the individual, remembering not to tell them what you have done and the service can be rendered and you can render it for yourself.......  It takes you very little time to charge the seven activities of the Rays into a glass of water and you have a Rainbow 'Parfait'. It can be done - it has been done by others.  

There are many who are predicting, stirring the hearts of mankind to be fearful, but that is not My intent! I speak not of the end of the world, but of the saving of the Earth! There is a vast difference. This Earth is a treasured and beloved child of Helios and Vesta, for it is not only one of the most difficult schoolrooms of the system, but one of the most necessary. This is the place where the Spirit Sparks come to learn to be Masters of Flame! This is a most difficult task, and must be accomplished without the visible assistance to which most of you are accustomed. I would like to tell you about this, because it is My hope that it will encourage those of you who are experiencing difficulty with this "course" from which you must finally graduate. 

In other systems of worlds through which you have successfully passed, you became accustomed to the visible presence of your teachers and the Masters of Energy of those worlds. This has become remote to your memory, but I speak the truth! In those systems, you learned many things to prepare you for the experience in which you are now involved. At that time, you became quite used to depending upon the immediate presence of your teachers and leaders, who were able to answer your questions, and debate with you as to the meaning of the spiritual laws which you were being taught at that time. All this - My Beloved Ones, was in preparation for the Earth experience!

Now, you seek teachers and leaders, and that has become one of the most difficult tests which face you, for We are your Teachers, and We must now stand aside and let you come to the understanding which is required without Our visible Presence and assistance! Beloved, your teacher lives within your Heart, and it is there that you must seek the Truth.  

I have a Keynote, and the name of that Keynote is "Fanfare for the Common Man". It is totally significant of that which you now face. My Beloved Children, My Flame of Liberty is anchored within each one of your hearts, and it is you who have now become the Hope of the World!

You are acting - literally, and not just figuratively - as My emissaries! It is you who have become the focus of the Flame of Liberty and Freedom for the Earth. My Flame is identical with the Sacred Threefold Flame in your blessed heart centers, and that of all mankind. Many of you also carry the Sacred Violet Flame, some as a Radiance, such as My Own, and others, an actual portion of the Flame, having made the request that It be grafted into your heart Flames, as it was for Saint Germain. It is your desire which says that you wish to stand for the Spiritual Liberation and Freedom of every man, woman, and child, upon the Planet Earth. As with any other desire, it forms a "petition" upon which your life energy has become focused. 

It is the "common man" who will be the savior of the Earth! Remember, Dear Chelas, that Jesus was a common man, born of common parents, who went to register - as any ordinary family in Bethlehem - so many years ago! Beloved of My Heart - You are "registered" upon the Books of Light as those who have come into the Earth to act in behalf of all life at this time. You have My Eternal Love, Devotion, and Gratitude for your every effort to fulfill the Promise of the FLAME OF LIBERTY upon the Earth.

“I AM” THE GODDESS OF LIBERTY - and your Mentor. I Love You, each Blessed Chela of Light.


[From; Friendship with the Gods Part One.]