Beloved Lady Nada,

The tremendous struggle which is paramount in the life of the individual who aspires to Godliness prompts My Presence here with you this morning. The mass of humanity have accepted themselves as the personality which they wear in the embodiment they are experiencing and for them the weaknesses and habits of the personality are as much a part of the natural course of their life experience as the petals are of the rose. When a lifestream is awakening to the consciousness that he or she must lay aside the qualities that are offensive to life and that such an one must consciously become a harmonious expression of God's energy, there immediately ensues a sense of battle and struggle, self-abnegation and self-discipline that goes on through numerous embodiments and which expresses as the penances and self-inflicted punishments that have been practiced in the churches and by the people of the East in the torture of their bodies and the denials of the flesh. Having assumed the name of "NADA" and having passed the way of Earth, I would like to express to you the Truth, which will enable the discerning individual to express his inherent Godliness in the natural manner which life intends. Every personality on the face of this globe is a blot against the Sun. Separateness is not eternal and it is not Truth. The aspirant must not dignify nor recognize the personal self as an adversary to be overcome because in so doing he gives wrong recognition to a power which uses this shadow-self, and which then, by the very life of the aspirant released through this power, lives to torture him. 


There is no unascended being who is not thoroughly convinced of his identity as an ego apart from the fullness of God, whose right and whose attributes must be affirmed and protected by self-conscious effort. The constant struggle to maintain a separate identity rather than allowing the little self to flow gently into the one universal whole is unnatural and is the cause of all stress, nervous tension and emotional distress and unrest. It is the same as if one wave of the sea refused to merge and become part of the tide. The uneven and unnatural struggle would soon exhaust the energy of the erring wave which would be drawn by the power of the great ocean back into its natural oneness with the sea.

The student body is looking at God as a Being apart from itself, toward which it must attain by a constant battle with this separate entity created by its own belief. The Ascended Host of Light have become a part of the Universal Whole and from the Bosom of the Father pour Their Light to all the rest of the expressions of Themselves.

The honest individual will realize by a little introspection that his entire life is devoted to the maintenance of this separate ego. Let any man be touched upon the 'primal rights' of this separate ego and he or she, like a wild beast would rush to its defense.

The Master Jesus gave an example of the nothingness of the outer man when He was distinctly unconcerned with the efforts of the people to destroy the dignity and the Godliness of the form He inhabited. He, knowing that all life was one, realized that they but poured out their life’s blood and crucified by their own acts the atoms of their own bodies. 

When you once conceive of the oneness of life and when your consciousness is impregnated with the realization of that oneness, you will let go of the consciousness that there is any separation between you and the beggar on the street or the Ascended Host of Heaven. The one life singing through all must be treated with the same unfailing courtesy and kindliness. When Saint Francis gave his cloak to the unclothed and His food to the hungry. His disciples rebuked Him, for they had learned to love Francis and not Life, but Francis, in his great illumination knew that He but fed and clothed Himself.

St. Francis.

This feeling of oneness brings humility and peace indescribable for only a consciousness of separateness brings anger, selfishness or judgment. Dissociate your thinking and feeling processes from any ideation that the life within your body is a separate and distinct entity from the whole and let that life flow ceaselessly forth from you in a radiation of Good, while you dwell in the bosom of the One God and do not, even for an instant, allow any part of your consciousness -- by word, thought or feeling -- show preference to the life flowing through your vessel over that of any other.

NADA means NOTHING. This is not a negative, lethargy or massive state, but it is the same consciousness which Jesus used when He said “I, of my own self, can do nothing, etc.” It is rather a most powerfully positive and concentrated consciousness of the ONE-NESS of the eternal Life of the Universe, and he who attains that consciousness has become one with the Ascended Consciousness even while he yet appears in the Third Dimensional Garments of flesh.  

                                                    Lady Nada.

[From: Friendship with the Gods, Part Two]