The Lord of the World




The power of the three times three 


The power of the three times three indicates the perfect balance on all levels of creation. In the worlds of feeling, thinking and acting. Love wisdom and power in perfect balance. And an undisturbed communication, between the I AM Presence, the Holy Christ Self and the personality, the reflection in the worlds of form.

The office of Lord of the World is the highest possible on this Planet. It requires the ninth initiation. The Buddha is the eight! And the initiation of Bodhisattva is the seventh. Beloved Kwan Yin is a Bodhisattva. The Chohan is the sixth initiation, and a Master of Wisdom and Compassion took the fifth. [ See The Spiritual Hierarchy]. So you see what an immense spiritual height the Great One, Who once was Prince Gautama, has achieved. The Lord of the World serves on the First Ray of God's Will and Power, and one of His Tasks is to keep the balance of this Planet. He assumed this office in the middle of the previous century and succeeded Beloved Sanat Kumara, who could return to His Home Star Venus in 1956 after serving the evolutions of the Earth for four and a half million years.  






Now the Lord Gautama is our beloved Lord of the World. He literally enfolds the Planet in His aura, and works diligently to find those spirits in the world of man, who will give their freewill energies to manifest a further release of the divine plan for the Earth. The love He holds for all life is indescribable and goes beyond words. It is told, that God is Love, and He who is the representative of God for this Planet must be a living example of this quality.

Read now and feel the radiation of the Beloved Lord of the World Gautama:





December 1999      The Bridge Journal



December 31, 1999


  My beloved ones

As so many members of the human race have begun a spiritual quest to find enlightenment and freedom in their lives, each one is diligently working to unify with their own Inner Christ. Throughout this process, the three gifts of the Magi, which were originally given to a tiny babe laying in a manger two thousand years ago, representing God's Love, Wisdom and Power, have been the catalyst primarily used to begin and then continue upon the wonderful journey of self mastery. According to the great divine plan of every individual, it is hoped that these blessings will be used at the right time and in the perfect way, as the Christ within each lifestream is born and then grows to full stature. So it has been and so shall it continue to be through all eternity!  


Since the beginning of your quest these three gifts have been constantly directed into your beings and worlds, first at the personal level, where you must learn to balance your own energies, then - through you into a much wider sphere of influence, as you are prepared to serve in the outer world. Finally, as you are able to do so, through increased knowledge and ability, the intensity of these same three gifts are increased and then must be balanced once again.

Throughout your development many opportunities are brought to you, which allow you to share your many gifts with others and to assist in making this world a better place. This is the law beloved ones! It is the cosmic law of perfect balance, and it continually works at ever increasing levels, as you are able to receive, express and expand God's Gifts.  






Sometimes, you may find that when you are working with just ONE gift or ONE aspect, you may feel out of balance. More often than not, this anomaly is due to the fact you are concentrating so much of your energy on a specific aspect so you may learn more about it and yourself. Whenever this happens, I urge you to proceed ahead with whatever spiritual task you are involved with until your being and world returns to normal.

A perfect example of creating balance within one's world can easily be shown by examining the various cycles or stages of one's life. A small child works very hard to balance his energies or gifts at his or her level of understanding and ability. Each will, in their own time, eventually gain mastery over their motor skills, with regards to grasping objects, crawling, walking and talking. At the same time, they are going through the process of learning about the laws which govern their physicality on this plane, they also begin learning society's rules which must be abided to please their parents, teachers or guardians and to get along with others.  





Later on, young adults must expand their mastery by becoming less dependent upon their parents and beginning to take charge of their lives in the outer world, as they prepare to 'leave the nest' and begin life at a brand new level of experience. In a way, the same rules and laws apply, but every young person must learn how to use them as they are now relevant in their personal relationships outside of their immediate family, childhood school experiences and in other situations which may not be familiar as they come in contact with people they have no conscious history with.

Finally, if an individual has been 'successful' in all their earlier attempts at mastery and balance, the so-called mature man or woman, should have been able to develop good relationships with others, serving as a loving and supportive partner, a patient and guiding parent, and an efficient and productive employee, while remaining ever mindful of the needs of others in their community. However, please be aware that at all stages of development, each individual is constantly working to re-balance their life energy as they encounter new situations and learn to build on and adjust to each new aspect in their lives.  





Also, please be aware, that when I speak about the various 'stages of life' I do not merely refer to the actual physical ages of people, but to the 'inner' and more spiritual age of development. You have all met adults who are 'childish' in their emotional responses and understanding and those wonderful children who seem wise beyond their years.

The Power of Accomplishment does much to encourage people at every point of time in their life, helping them to mature spiritually, as well. Problem solving as you move along your life's path is the primary means of learning and impressing your lower vehicles. Sometimes, when things are difficult, the etheric vehicle releases memories, primarily through the feeling body, of fear and or pain associated with previous steps taken which may not have been 'successful' in their application. This can refer to the present or a previous time, depending on the importance and strength of the experience that is triggered. If there is a release from the etheric memory that is painful or frightening, a person may consciously or unconsciously choose to slow down or stop following his or her path to rest for awhile to gain the strength needed to move ahead or wait until he or she has time to heal the pain and fear.






Truly know, that at every step along the way, you have the gifts of love, wisdom and power to go forward and overcome all challenges. You then begin to compile many successful memories from experiences and feelings into your etheric garment, until all that is less than the Light of God possibilities are transmuted and released.

Many of the chelas of the Great White Brotherhood are beyond the point in their development where they require long periods of rest and recuperation, due to their various evolutionary levels. Seldom will there be times of rest, now, beloved ones, for you have the spiritual strength and power to persevere and the knowledge to move forward. However, as each and every one knows there are those moments! When they happen be grateful and remember to ask what you can learn from them.  





If you think about the balancing process that accompanies spiritual growth and development, you will gain a sense of patience and love toward others. There are so many who are weary and burdened with tremendous karmic burdens which must be overcome. This is a major reason why we ask you to assist in clearing the astral planes so often because it helps those who do not yet understand the process of spiritual evolution and the laws of re-embodiment.

                                            Gautama, Lord of the World.

[from the Bridge Journal December supplement 1999]