Lady Portia, Spokesperson of the Karmic Board

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Goddess of Opportunity and Justice. Member and Spokesperson of the Karmic Board. Divine Complement of Beloved Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray.


Beloved Seekers of Freedom,

I come to you, bringing My Qualities of Freedom, Justice and Opportunity. You have called Me by all these names: the Goddess of Freedom; the Goddess of Justice; and the Goddess of Opportunity. However, I come to you today especially as One Aspect of the God Mother, serving in perfect balance with My Divine Complement, beloved Saint Germain.

Through the ages, I sought and found the Path of Holy Spirit, which is the all encompassing Spirit of Divine Expression - in all life. You now seek, as I sought before you, and I AM with you at every step upon your path. As the Divine Complement of Saint Germain, I AM qualified to speak with His authority, as He is qualified to speak with Mine. We are truly ONE, fully integrated as the White Fire Being from which We emerged so long ago.  

Today, I speak from this consciousness of ONENESS that is the Heart of God. I speak of Spiritual Aspects which far supersede human thought, human consciousness and human gender. I speak, not of women's rights or of privileges accorded to men, under the auspices of human law, but of your rights, privileges and responsibilities as expressions of the ONE, from which we have all emerged. Beloved of My Heart, I speak to the God Presence that dwells within your heart - and every human heart - that magnificent, ever-present, all-powerful and all-knowing Spirit of your God-Father's perfect Will, at absolute balance with the Love and Compassion of your God-Mother.

Every day in the life and experience of each of you, there  are opportunities presented where you may respond and act as a wise and protecting father, or as a loving, and compassionate mother. During your many embodiments, each of you has expressed in the world of form as both male and female. As you progressed along your path, you accumulated the experiences and knowledge required to now act as a true Disciple of Holy Spirit.

This is the Age of Holy Spirit, which has been named as the feminine aspect of God. The influence of this truth is felt within and through all embodied life, showing itself in many ways and along many avenues of expression. To you - Our chelas - I bring this sacred Opportunity to enter the place of perfect balance I represent. The balance of true Justice is always perfection of understanding and expression, transmuting all sense of separation that may exist on the outer planes of manifestation, still bound in the snares of illusion.  

Bless all those who work on these outer planes, calling attention to the needs for change in man's laws. Bless them with a sense of Divine Justice and Balance, and help soften their needs to respond harshly to others, as they work to bring about fairness to all, each to the best of their understanding at this time. Thus, you and I will help bring forward that which is needed, and transmute that which stands in the way, due to human consciousness at all levels of expression.

On the inner levels of your understanding as chelas, I bring forth another aspect for your consideration. I have reminded you of your abilities to respond and act as both Father or Mother, as the needs arise in your daily lives. I now remind you of the fact that there are times when your child within also requires comfort. I ask: where do you go for guidance when this occurs? I say to you: look within. Find there your Father - Who, as Holy Spirit, breathed life into your physical form. Thank Him, as Father.

Look again! Find there your Mother - the One Who always listens and understands your every feeling, and gives you the love and compassion you so desperately need. As you go to Them – your  Father-God and your Mother-God, you will find it is acceptable to Them that you have come with a need, and They will most lovingly and perfectly satisfy your every requirement and right desire.  

Look again! Find there your Perfect Child, the Sun of God; that radiant and shining Child of the ONE – prepared  to serve wherever and whenever needed, bringing your perfect balance of Love, Wisdom and Power to those who still seek in the outer world of illusion.

My most beloved and dedicated Children of Light – I   love you! As I AM now fulfilling the opportunity and privilege of serving as Spokesperson on the Karmic Board, I see you come – time and time again. You stand before Me – your love and desire to serve held forth in your precious hands offering it in return for the privilege to serve your brothers and sisters in the Human Family. I say to you, I cannot refuse your deep and heart-felt desires, for they are the same as Mine, and I AM privileged to serve with you in the accomplishment of God's Desire throughout the Earth!

Know that you may come to Me whenever you so desire, and I  shall enfold you in My Heart of Love, and serve beside you at all times.


[ From: The Bridge Journal Sept. 1994]