Beloved Saint Germain, Chohan of the

Seventh Ray

The beautiful Violet Ray

Qualities Seventh Ray:

Freedom, Transmutation, Purification, Rhythm, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness and Ceremonial Order.


  Beloved Chelas,

Accept My gratitude for the privilege of speaking with you today. I welcome these opportunities, for the very fact that you gather to receive My words, or take the time to read them, tells Me that you are working to discover the Truth!

For eons of time, I searched for the New World. Century upon century, My efforts were concentrated upon looking here, there, and everywhere! Always, it seemed there was a new horizon which lay before Me. Surely, there was something wonderful just over that horizon, waiting to be discovered! However, when I found the New World and the Freedom I hoped it would contain, I discovered there was still another horizon before Me, and that I was not yet free! The freedom I sought was not over the next horizon, but deep within My own Heart! This is true for you, too!  

Spiritual freedom is not something that you can discover outside of yourself.  It is not to be found in another country; it does not lie within possessions, and - even though it is within every human heart - it cannot be obtained from another person. When you discover true Spiritual Freedom, it will not matter where or who you are, because you will be standing in the very center of the Kingdom of Heaven in a mighty forcefield of Divine Love, Light and Protection.


From within that forcefield, rhythmic pulsations of Purity, Freedom and Perfection will be flowing forth to fill your being and world with every virtue of the Godhead. With your every heartbeat and breath, you will be surrounding all life within your atmosphere with the hope and faith that they, too, will attain the Kingdom of God within! Beloved Ones, I bow before the Flame of the Living Christ that dwells within the tabernacle of your own heart, right here and right now!

I see you searching, turning over every stone, reading every book, listening closely to all those who claim to have the answers you seek. All forms of meditation have become extremely popular, and people everywhere are seeking, seeking, seeking the truth, the enlightenment that will set them free from their earthly concerns and difficulties. When I tell you this freedom dwells within, perhaps you feel you already know this fact, but do not know quite how to enter this exalted place.  

I bless and honor your every effort to find the truth of your Being.

One of the qualities I will tell you to develop is that of patience. Another is hope, for hope is the quality of awakening; the virtue that paves the way for faith to get a firm foothold in your consciousness. Faith always follows the anchoring of the Flame of Hope within the human heart.

Faith in the supremacy of God consciousness to overcome the human is absolutely essential for the chela! Faith precedes confidence, and you now stand at the point upon the spiritual path where you must develop confidence without reservation.

I AM the CHOHAN OF THE SEVENTH RAY, together with My Divine Complement, Lady Portia. We have the responsibility, as well as the joy of fulfilling the objectives of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom that will take place during the two thousand year cycle into which we are now entering.  

During the early part of the first millennium of this cycle the major use of the Violet Fire will be that of purifying and transmuting the energies bound within the veil of maya. [Illusion] Also during this time, the influence of the Seventh Ray will intensify within all people and groups who are working for the cause of freedom, whether it is directed at political, economic, personal, or spiritual freedom.

The aspect of ceremonial, already established, will come into stronger expression.

Develop understanding and loving acceptance toward all others who are expanding the Light of the New Age in their own ways. Take time to communicate with others as opportunities arise, seeking to understand their ideas and ideals.  

Above all, I ask for constancy of endeavor from all of you! Rhythm of application is so deeply important, and this is an integral part of the quality of constancy that I ask of you. The difference this will make in your personal lives and worlds in clearing things up and moving along in your spiritual work is tremendous. Until this clearing is done at the personal level, the tendency is to continue to fall back into the hypnosis of human consciousness. Never sacrifice your spiritual standards for the quick and easy ways promised by so many! There are no shortcuts except the firmness of your loyalty to Spiritual Principle, and this cannot be over-emphasized!

Lasting balance can only be attained within the Heart of the Great, Great Silence. Only there can be found the Strength, Love and Wisdom needed to lift the vibration of your Threefold Flame into harmony with God. As you still your lower vehicles and allow yourself to be lifted by your Inner Christ into the Heart of your Presence, your Threefold Flame instantly responds to the vibration of the Flame of Divinity! While you abide within the Heart of your Presence  - however briefly - the perfect balance and harmony you seek becomes a manifest reality! In this way your Spirit evolves into a higher vibratory action, moving forth to enfold and bless all life. [A picture of the I AM Presence, with a short explanation you find here.] 

Saint Germain and Jesus

At any time your work feels like a burden rather than a joy - pause for awhile from your labors. Breathe deeply and slowly as you discipline your lower vehicles into an attitude of stillness and silence. Allow your Inner Christ to lift you up, so that you may rest in the Presence of God I AM and be made whole! This must be your first priority to achieve the Spiritual progress you so deeply desire!

As you diligently seek your time in the Great Silence each day, you will be astounded at the magnitude of work that you will be enabled to complete, without even one-tenth of the stress and struggle you have previously experienced! Truly, God is the Doer, the Doing, and the Deed!  

Call upon any of the Ascended Host for assistance in achieving the discipline and patience required to make this activity an inviolate part of your daily routine. The rewards and benefits of the practice of the Silence are immense to both personal and planetary evolution, and We are always most grateful for the opportunity to assist you. At your call, we will bear you on Wings of Love into the Heart of the Presence of God!

Beloved Friends, I have given you much to think about! Accept My message in the spirit of love with which it is given. Accept also My deep and heartfelt gratitude for your every effort to expand the Light of God. Know! ... beyond a shadow of doubt, that the victorious accomplishment of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom pulsates in the ethers of the Earth right here and now! Take this moment to feel its vibratory activity entering your heart centers and becoming a part of your being and world right now and forever sustained! Let it flow forth from your hearts to full manifestation throughout the Earth! I LOVE YOU!


[Excerpts from The Bridge Journals: June 1992/July1993


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