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Creating means using energy in a certain way. Energy is fire, and when you use it in the way God intended us to use it, it becomes the Sacred Fire! What is the difference between a Ray and a Fire? A Ray is always in movement from its source to its aim. When it reaches the aim it becomes a fire.

The Seventh Ray is now of the utmost  importance, because it is becoming the most dominant force on the Planet, gaining more strength at every new day. It is the magnificent transforming power of this Flame, this energy, which is capable of transforming any negative or malicious energy, which might trouble your mental or feeling world. It even can transmute physical pain and distress, if you but use.....and use....and use it. How? Visualize this Violet Fire in, through and around your four lower vehicles: your physical body, your Etheric body... [the center of your memories], your mental body, and your emotional or astral body. When you do this on a DAILY BASE, you create an invincible forcefield around you and transmute any negative or malicious influence, which is heading your way.







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