The three higher bodies are:

The Holy Christ Self, 

The Causal Body, and

The I AM Presence.   




The Causal Body is the 'storehouse' of all your good qualities, which you developed during the long sojourn on this Planet. It shows like beautiful colored bands in this Body.

The Holy Christ Self is the Divine Mediator between the I AM Presence and the personality. First the outer consciousness has to become one with the Holy Christ Self, before it is able to become one with his I AM Presence. The I AM Presence is your personal connection with God. As Jesus realized when He said: "I and the Father are One." Beloved Master Jesus was 'overshadowed' by the World Teacher of that time and the Buddha now: The Lord Maitreya.

Please be open to His words [Maitreya] about the I AM Presence, the soul and the personality. From the beginning of time, when the Great Manu was bringing in the First Root Race (A Manu is in charge of the development of a Root Race. Each Root Race has to develop certain qualities according to divine plan, to further the Divine Plan of the Earth. Each Root Race consists of Seven Sub races. We are the Fifth Root Race)  

"The earth was created beautifully by the seven Elohim ( They are the builders of Planets and Solar Systems.) The sun of even pressure in its center sent forth a radiation that was visible as a soft glow beneath the grass, the flowers and the sea. The flowers were like flames and there was no decay. At the end of its season of expression, each manifestation just disappeared. Beloved Amaryllis, [Goddess of Spring] Virgo ["Mother Earth"] and beloved Neptune, [ Director of the Water element] Aries, Director of the Air element] and all the beings of nature had created such a magnificent earth that when humanity first embodied upon it, there was little difference between the earth and the beautiful heavens. As the builders of form completed the formation of the earth, lovely beings using the I AM Consciousness, took primal life and, holding up the cup of their minds to their own Presence, received the Will of God in the form of ideas. Then they were able to mold those ideas into definite patterns and fill them with the feeling of love. Then, using the flesh body, they externalized them in the physical appearance world by the power of precipitation. They built on earth even as they had built in heaven. The first Golden Age manifested the same temples, the same exquisite perfection that these beings knew at inner levels. There was not one in that earth cycle who did not complete the course of evolution in perfect harmony.

The second cycle was the same. Follow me closely, for I am telling you scientific facts, which apply to the conditions in which you stand today and it can raise you out of limitation! The blessed beings of the third cycle then came forth. In the use of the I AM Consciousness, the natural activity of each day was to tune into the Presence, because the outer self and the Presence were one. Each individual 'tuned into' his own Presence and the divine ideas for that day flowed into his mind.  

So many magnificent ideas poured forth in one day that the outer self could not fulfill them all. The outer self chose those ideas, which would be of the greatest blessing to the universe, and each day the outer self was about the Father's Business! It was very beautiful. Then came the human consciousness, that in which you live today and which I AM trying to redeem, transmuting it back into your I AM self again.


Then the earth offered to accept certain lifestreams who had not attained the development required to progress with their planets and systems. Those systems had to move on in a great forward push. The whole creative scheme had been delayed because of these 'laggards'. The earth and her evolutions, being of a more condensed and therefore slower vibratory action than the successive systems, offered to take on these laggards, hoping by contagion and by the pressure of purity within the earth's people and their guardian spirits, to redeem the laggards quickly. For a hundred years the priests and priestesses in the temples made continuous application for the protection of the consciousness of the masses of earth's people against contagion through proximity, by which imperfect forms might register within their consciousness. Up to this time earth's people had seen nothing less than perfection. How did those laggards get into the evolutions of earth? They came through the pure bodies of women belonging to this perfect, harmonious, innocent evolution, who offered to give them the opportunity for incarnation on the earth. These women were chosen because of their tremendous spiritual strength, so that the body elemental might have all the assistance possible.

(From: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom)