The "Fleur de Lis" is also an example of the perfectly balanced Threefold Flame. Freedom, equality and brotherhood as the French call it, are also the qualities we have to develop to attain balance of our energies. The equality of people however is in regard to equal in value. People are not equal. There are so many different levels of consciousness and development. They are equal in value, though. So reverence for life is always in order and suitable.



The Golden Man, the son [sun] of God, the Holy Christ Self lives within our very hearts. Give him dominion over your lifestream. It is the only way to achieve your equilibrium, poise and balance. Have faith, be faith and BECOME the Golden Man. The Holy Christ Self is in immediate connection with the I AM Presence, which is your personal connection with your Mother-Father God. Why Mother first? Because the feminine aspects have to develop in the human race more now. An visionary painter made a beautiful image of the I AM Presence, surrounded by the Causal Body, the 'bands of color', the Holy Christ Self, and the physical body enfolded in the Violet Fire of purification and transformation. In the heart of the physical body we notice the spiraling Three Fold Flame.