Lord Gautama :



Beloved ones, peace comes not through a feeling of lethargy but through the conscious mastery of energy in balanced action! I, too, once walked the ways of Earth and experienced for myself all of the pull of the physical senses: all of the interests, which humankind find temporarily enjoyable and, through my own self conscious endeavor, I chose to discover the path to ultimate and undisturbed peace. That path took me on a long journey not an outward journey but an inward one - into the very heart-center of my being; into that to which the Orientals refer as "The Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus". There abides that part of a man which is immortal, uncontaminated by anything human, sustaining his original pattern of divinity until that hour when the personal self - consciously chooses to walk fearlessly into the heart of that Flame. Then he finds the shell of the outer personality dropping away and experiences the joy of bathing in that Flame of Immortality - which is refreshing indeed! Thus you have the way of the Buddha - the "bud" - the closed-in flame, waiting patiently for release century after century within the heart of personality after personality, as the lifestream chooses physical embodiment and creates its various karma. Then comes the time when circumstances created by karma, good or otherwise; when pressures - de-pressing or exalting - make the individual (through self-conscious decision) desire to proceed along the pathway of light into the heart of his or her own God-Being, and there discover that Immortal Flame. That flame, then expanding through the lifestream, becomes the "open lotus" of perfection for that one and its virtues, perfumes, gifts and manifestations become an impersonal benediction to the race, as well as to all life, which is evolving upon the Earth.




In recognition of that flame, man can become impersonal enough to choose to release all selfhood in its favor; man can walk upon the divine path and explore the magnificent aspects and activities of deity, willingly allowing them to flow forth emotionally, mentally, etherically and physically through him to the just and the unjust alike - with no thought of favor to any particular person, place, condition or thing. When such a man is found, that one is on the road to becoming a living Buddha. As the sun shines; as the waters that cover the sea serve life impersonally; so do all who become applicants for and who finally attain Buddhahood, serve impersonally - magnetizing certain God-Radiations and directing those radiations forth at inner levels to bless those disembodied members of the human race who yet require assistance in sublimating karma; as well as to embodied mankind and the elemental kingdom, imprisoned angels and the four-footed creature in embodiment here.  



Selflessness of Motive Essential to Buddha hood  

Concentration is one of the aspects of the follower of the true Buddhist teaching-concentration determined by selflessness of motive. In the case of the one who walks upon the spiritual path into the heart of light, the concentration must be motivated by a desire to bless life impersonally; to remain in physical embodiment here upon this Earth plane, if necessary, as did the beloved Mary, the holy mother of Jesus, until there is more light and God-Virtue here; or to enter into the inner spheres of light (if it is so directed) and there be a sun of righteousness. The doctrine of the Buddha as I found it to be for myself and presented it to man, is one of renouncing self and selfish interests and this renouncing goes way back into the causes and cores which motivate even spiritual exercises. When that motivating power behind all asceticism, all spiritual exercises and self-denials is for the magnification of God's Presence, such a one is a disciple worthy to wear the garment of a neophyte in the temples of the Buddha. 


When these disciplines, asceticism and various spiritual exercises are practiced for personal enlightenment and for the ultimate freedom of the individual alone, such a one will achieve a result wherein and whereby that individual eventually comes to the point of being ready for the Ascension. However, such a one has not become an expression of the impersonal Buddha, who joyously, willingly lives and serves on any plane, wheresoever his light may be desired; his protection required; his understanding essential and his healing, raising, illumining, uplifting presence a necessity. The Buddha becomes a "cup" into which, without any obstruction whatsoever, there flows the gifts, light and virtues of the Godhead. That "cup" is just as impersonal in the outpouring of its gifts as is any cup or grail filled with fresh water which is available to those who are athirst.



There are not too many among mankind, the motives in whose hearts are to be and remain a pliable, impersonal "cup" of living light; for love of God alone, magnetizing those virtues from the higher realms, while still sustaining a physical vehicle in the world of form which is subject to all of the various vibratory actions of the lower atmosphere of Earth. Those "few" who do so serve are indeed blessed among men! The farther one goes upon the spiritual path the more subtle and delicate is the thread of the test and, ofttimes, in its tremendous endeavor to work out its own karma and to be personally free there from, the outer self does not cognize selfishness within its motive. He who follows the Law of the Buddha willingly remains in that sphere into which his own Christ Self has directed him; there joyously magnetizes the gifts of the God-head; impersonally letting the radiation of his God Virtues flow forth. He has no opinion as to the worthiness of those who are the recipients of his benediction- any more than the Communion Cup which is held to the lips of the communicants, decides within itself whether or not there is sacrilege within the soul of one who kneels before the rail. Can you come to that place where your life and your virtue belong to God, to man, to elemental life, embodied angel or four-footed creatures alike - without any pressure of personal feelings from your outer self; choosing to direct your gifts impersonally to one or more of those which karma temporarily has drawn around you; either through good or evil influences from the past! I had to learn that way! You see, when self is shorn away, you will find that spiritual impetus will be stronger than any effort of human will which brings you reluctantly to the door of the Temple of  Light and then will allow you to experience the full enjoyment of entering into the Flame; lest that which you thought you were should be no more and that which you really are should stand forth, transmuting and sublimating personality into IMMORTALITY! Then shall you have become gods and goddesses light - joyously  willing to remain in embodiment here - a living example of God's Love and Light so long as mankind requires assistance.

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