Children of God, I determined long ago to find the Truth! Seven long years it took me to divest myself of all the semblance and human concepts, which had bound my intellect and my soul. Remember! I was born with no destructive karma to expiate and yet, as do all beings who serve this Earth in a physical garment, I came into a physical vehicle, surrounded by an etheric, mental and emotional envelop, and lived in the vibrations of the Earth plane. Yet it required seven long years for me to cognize reality and know that "Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus" to which you refer as the Immortal Threefold Flame within your hearts. After I had bathed within that Flame and, on its tremendous power had arisen into the Presence of Almighty God, then there came to me the subtle test - the test of which I speak - that of making the sacrifice of returning into the physical world and bringing to the attention of mankind the understanding which I had gained.

  Ascension - Just Raising of Vibrations

The words "ascending" and "descending"; "higher" and "lower" are more descriptive of rates of vibration than they are of motion through space. However, because the beloved people of Earth are so accustomed to dealing constantly with form, the word "ascending" just naturally depicts to the outer mind an upward motion of form; whereas, in truth, it is merely an acceleration of the vibratory action which makes up the atoms of the vehicle. The word "descend" as mankind's outer mind visualizes its action, is merely the slowing down and lowering of the vibratory action of the electrons, which make up the atom.

Now, during these years which are being given to us to help you, we are in the process of gradually accelerating the vibratory action of your four lower bodies by speaking to you; encouraging you and by giving you those spiritual exercises, songs and decrees which have accelerated all of your senses and, to a degree, open your inner sight and hearing. At the same time, we are lowering the rate of vibration of our own bodies of light - of course never below that rate which compels and sustains perfect harmony - but slowing our vibrations down in spoken word and radiation so that we may establish a communion between your outer minds and that consciousness in which we all abide.

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