“Human Security”  – Undependable!

In the experience life of the outer world, individuals sometimes work for an entire lifetime, just to obtain for themselves an annuity, a home or general security. Yet, often, just when the gift is within reach or perhaps has been received, the individual concerned passes from that embodiment at the very time when their whole life energy has been expended and their pursuit of happiness resulted in the externalization of that to which they dedicated their thought, feeling, words and action - their entire life!

Beloved ones, the outer self is so undependable! Those who have not seen through the "veil" and yet have touched the hem of the garment of the divine ones; those who have accepted with all their beings the ESSENCE and not the form - THOSE ARE THE "SAINTED ONES"! In the words of Jesus, our beloved brother, "Blessed are they who have not seen and yet have believed." I say to you who have believed in us and who have FELT  ESSENCE; you who have known and accepted God-Virtue radiated to you by us through the veil - that when the acceleration of your senses brings you to the point of physical manifestation, it will mean nothing to you except just the joy of confirmation of that which you already had known as you kneel and kiss the garment of your benefactor or benefactress and friend. I know - for I returned to Earth after my period of God-illumination; walked with simple men and women and yet had that gift of being able to accelerate my being so that I could be instantly present in consciousness in any sphere. I know how much the masses desire phenomena and how few desire the ESSENCE! Those who follow me; those in the east who are true masters and gurus yet unascended, usually do not allow the exercise of phenomena for that reason. I lived simply and unostentatiously, letting GRACE and ESSENCE example and works take the place of phenomena which seems miraculous to the curious but which does not sustain the earnest chela [pupil]. The curious and passing fancy of the masses is not worthy  of the investment of energy, which such phenomena would entail.

That light which is within me is within you also! That light is the "bud" within the hearts of all mankind and the stimulating and expanding of that "bud" into that great open lotus is the purpose for which I serve and for which you serve too. It is the purpose for which others in the East serve also; as well as a few in the West - until there shall be many, many lighted lamps; many "cups" from which mankind may drink and many, many God-Virtues surging through those "cups" into those who hunger and thirst after goodness, peace, mercy, healing and benediction.


Now I speak to all mankind! Who among you will be such a "cup"? Who among you, standing pure, strong and selfless, are willing to be that grail through which my light shall flow? Your hearts will answer!


The benediction and blessing of the Most High Living God and that peace which does surpass the understanding of the human mind be with you and all who have loved me; who serve with me and who aspire to like attainment. May the God of Mercy protect you on your spiritual path toward enlightenment!

                                         Gautama, Lord of the World 

The Way is not in the sky. The Way is in the heart.

~ Buddha


[From the Bridge Journal: October through December 2000]