It is Time! Time that humankind accepts its divine heritage. To achieve this, he has to balance the ThreeFold Flame in his heart. The beautiful spiraling Flame in his heart, containing the Holy Christ Self...The Jewel in the Lotus.


The Three Fold Flame consists of three colors: Pink, Gold and Blue.

Pink represents the Love nature of God in all its aspects of comfort. The Gold represents Wisdom and Illumination, and Blue the Will and Power of God.

To balance this Flame you have to develop these three main qualities till they become equally strong. 

When somebody has enough love, and enough willpower but lacks an equal amount of wisdom, such a person tends to become fanatic; going from 'door to door' to 'broadcast' his specific conception of the 'truth', but fails in the way how to teach, because there are so many levels of consciousness, and so many different needs of teaching acquired.

When an individual has sufficient love, and sufficient wisdom, but lacks an even amount of willpower, such an one can have beautiful ideas and projects and know how to manifest them, but by the first opposition or reverse he stops or withdraws.

Then there are those who have enough will, but miss sufficient love. Then wisdom becomes knowledge. These people make quotings like: "Knowledge is power", and "time is money". This attitude has brought  civilization more then once at the edge of the abyss.



The Three 'Petals' of the Flame have to be balanced by themselves as well. The magnetizing aspect of Love must be  fine tuned, so that it will not interfere with the perfect development of everything in its sphere of influence. For example the love of a parent to his child. If the child is given too much love, it becomes too dependent on its parents, which will delay its development; if it is given too little love, it will become careless and maybe even rebellious. So balance your love.

If your willpower is too strong, you will impede the development of your child's independence, and delay the development of his free will choices. If your will is too weak, he might not acknowledge boundaries and control over his desires. Also balance is here adamant.

Wisdom is always in balance. You only have to use your discernment to apprehend the correct teaching in the correct situation.