The Human Kingdom b

The human kingdom is the only kingdom in the universe that is permitted by Cosmic Law to experiment with free will. Human free will is sacred, because it is the guarantee, that after many embodiments man will eventually choose what is the highest good of all concerned. It was originally the intention, that mankind never separated himself from God, but followed his divine plan, his reason for being harmoniously and steady, one step at a time, incarnation after incarnation, till he fulfilled his mission and returned with a full harvest out of the world of form, back into "the Heart of God”. For this reason humankind has to represent "the Will of God" for this Planet. Due to the "fall of grace", when humankind no longer listened to the promptings of his inner spiritual self, man is now out of balance, totally relying on the machinations and control of his ego. The return to his original God estate will also be an act of free will. But then he will have the full power of the Cosmic Currents working with him, because he is finally following the Will of God. Humankind will manifest the Will of God, when his little outer self bends the knee for his Divine Self, and utters in total surrender: "Not my will, but Thyne be done, oh Father."

Then why is it so difficult? Because your ego doesn't want to change, and change is the keyword for growth. When you've finally fulfilled your divine plan and transmuted your returning negative energy [karma] you gain your Ascension and no longer need to return to Earth to complete your transformation into a God Being, an Ascended Master. As an Ascended Master several paths for further development are open to you. One of these is to stay on Earth, hasting the development of the evolutions, which use the Earth as their schoolroom. In the following "book flip" you will be introduced to some of Them.  








These four Great Ones are just a few of the many Ascended Masters who are serving together to fulfill the Divine Plan for our Earth. The externalization of this great divine plan has been greatly delayed, due to the separation of the majority of humankind from his divine self, the "I AM Presence". This has to be restored.








Beloved El Morya is the Chohan of the First Ray and represents 'the Will of God' for this Planet. He is also sponsor of "The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom." A link to our site in the U.S.A. has been inserted below.


“When the conscious mind is opened to the Will of God, often the mental body accepts as logical and practical the spiritual pathway of purity, love, balance, wisdom and conscious service on behalf of mankind. However, as the far greater part of each individual's energies are held within the emotional body, the desires and feelings will be the predominant governing power of actions - for good or evil. When mankind realizes that the Will of God is expressed through the cooperation of the mind with the joyous, buoyant love of the feelings, they will be freed of much unnecessary conflict between what they know should be done and what they actually do!”







Beloved Serapis Bey is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray. He is also the guardian of the Ascension Flame. He assists humankind to achieve the ascension by following severe disciplines.


“It is My desire that each one of you focus your attention upon the fact that every man, woman and child upon this planet Earth has Freedom within their heart. It is your birthright as a child of God and an heir to the Kingdom of your Father-Mother God.

The Freedom of which I speak is the Three-fold Flame within every beating heart. This Flame is your life - your ALL, for, as you know, in perfect balance, it becomes the vibratory activity of the Ascension Flame. It is called by many names, such as "the Pearl of great price", or the "the jewel in the Lotus". These words mean the same - the Ascension; the "way back home"!

The Flame within the heart of every man is his Freedom, and it can never be stilled - no matter what the threat - or what the prison - for no bars of human consciousness can ever hold it or contain it in any way.

Let us expand this Flame right now! Just for a moment realize that the Flame within your heart is your Divinity, and your connection with all life everywhere. This Flame is intelligent, and it yearns always to be the ruling force of your lifestream, because that is its birthright, and it cannot help but be true unto itself…”  







Beloved Kuthumi is a Great World Teacher who serves on the Second Ray. He is very familiar by many students about oriental philosophy and Theosophy.


"Every chela has the opportunity, capacity and responsibility to invoke the desire to do God's Will into their own emotional body. This desire can be directed from the Ascended Host, and form a motivating power within the feeling world which makes service, self-control, self-mastery and sublimation a joy rather that an arduous task of mortification of self. Even as the farmer plants his seed in the good Earth, so shall We - when invited - plant Our God desire within the chela's emotional body. Then the chela will find these growing desires to serve, making all their spiritual endeavors a joy."  

Also here the Master stresses, that you have to ASK first, before They are allowed to make a difference in your life. Remember human free will is a God given gift. Use it well for the highest good of all life. The Masters can do much to improve our lives and enhance our spiritual development, if we are just willing to relinquish self and human will and serve all life.









Beloved Saint Germain is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, which influence is getting stronger every year during the next 2000 year cycle. It is the Era of Freedoms Love, through Transmutation and Purification.


Where your Attention is-there YOU are! What your Attention is upon-you become!

"...MY service to the Earth as Chohan of the Seventh Ray is to teach men and women how to consume or transmute mistakes by the Transmuting Flame of Freedom's Love and actively inspire them with a positive desire for a purer, cleaner, happier way of life. With this end in sight I have stressed without ceasing the importance of the continual use or application of the purifying and transmuting aspect of the Sacred Fires. I do not exaggerate when I make the statement that no one uses this cosmic Violet Fire of Freedom's Love sufficiently when it is remembered that the lifestream has re-embodied on the Earth thousands and thousands of times in the long course of its evolution and has been misusing the energy of life almost continually during that long sojourn. Remember beloved ones: energy is God's Life in Action…."



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