Qualities First Ray: 

Will, Faith, Courage, Power, Protection and Strength.


Beloved Ones,

I speak to you now because the need is great. The Spirit of the Living God is loosed upon the face of the Earth! It is already so, for is the second coming not now manifesting within your hearts? You know I speak the Truth to your open consciousness, for My love for you is great!

The Spirit of the Living Christ walks upon the Planet - here, there, and everywhere. You are a part of this Christ, and it is the time of Divine Joy!  

The Joy must be held as yet in the silence of your hearts and minds. There are those who - not understanding - would harm the vulnerable child within that Flame. The Christ is strong - while human consciousness is - and always shall be - weak and vacillating, because it loves to pretend. When the path is hard, human consciousness becomes fearful, and will readily sacrifice Light to darkness! That is why I caution you to give Christ Consciousness the time necessary to grow and become strong within you. It must be far stronger than any lingering remnants of human frailty!

I speak of this to remind you that the Masters walk in Silence, speaking only when They are ready. Also - and this is very important - they speak when the consciousness of those around Them is prepared to receive Their words and teachings! You see, these words are not easy to receive! They require not only recognition, but also commitment, and silence.

There are always many who claim they can teach and lead, and it remains the task of the student as to whom he shall follow! The Christ within one's own heart Flame is the one True Leader, for it will never lead you astray from the Path of Light! Only the man who knows the Presence of God within his heart can walk in silence, for he has no need to either lead or follow, and he know there is great power in the silence of the inner work.

All comes forth at the Right Time, and in the Right Order! Why do you think the Beloved God Principa [God of Divine Order] has come forth to enfold you and to instruct you? He has no needs of Himself -- nor do any of the Ascended Masters who work with you, for We come only in response to the needs of humanity, and the calls you have sent forth. We have trod the Path before you, and you know We love you.

Stand fast within your faith, walk gently along your path, and when you speak, use your words carefully and with consideration for others. Teaching must take place, and We will guide those to you to whom you must speak of spiritual matters. We shall assist you with the right ways to teach. I ask that you always take the time to go within, center within your Three-fold Flame, and remember that when you ask for assistance, you must take time to listen. Even as you become more firmly established within your sacred Heart Flames, it is well to be careful not to diminish your newborn love, wisdom and power by shouting it from the rooftops before it has been made manifest throughout your house of consciousness.

"I AM" always with you, and I will do My very best to guide you, for much, much more is at stake than your personal development and understanding. You are one -- but you are also the many, and this must now always be a part of your unfolding consciousness. Everything you do, say, think, or feel is attuned to by all around you, so the example that you set will draw many to walk with you into the Victory of the Light! I come to encourage, as well as to instruct.


[From: The Bridge Journal- Feb.1991]

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