Qualities Second Ray:

Illumination, Wisdom, Understanding and Gratitude.



Beloved Ones,

I AM here among you today, blending My energies with yours for the raising of all life on the Earth. This is your schoolroom, just as it was also Mine-a planet destined to manifest the Flame of Freedom, and this Flame burns brightly in the heart of every lifestream who has the great privilege of walking upon it.  

In your evolution, you are now working as a group, learning how to maintain and sustain the integrity of the Heart of the Cosmic Christ on this planet. You are individual Cells working together, with respect and consideration for one another, thus allowing Spiritual Brotherhood to truly function. However, as you do this, you must always keep in mind that each one of you always has freedom of choice in every way; in thought, feeling, action and reaction. Your four lower vehicles provide the 'measuring rod' of your own status at any point upon the path.

When a lifestream enters physical embodiment, this represents the prodigal son or daughter going forth. Everything required is given to him by his Father-Mother God and used in the physical world to sustain his life.  

The evolution of each lifestream is given into the hands of the Holy Christ Self, which is the true Son or Daughter of the God Presence. The four lower vehicles, which are the creation of the Christ Self, are destined to be the Temple through which It works upon the Earth. The prodigal son is the human consciousness, who takes his inheritance and uses it to satisfy his outer consciousness.

However, while it may seem that the prodigal son has wasted his inheritance, he has only one path back to the house of his Father, and that is through the Open Door of the True Son-the Christ Consciousness waiting within the Temple of his Heart. The prodigal son does not return home empty-handed. His gifts are forgiveness, mercy, understanding, and the knowledge that he is nothing of himself. He has learned that his very life is a gift of God's Grace.  


Every Master of Light; every Cosmic Being of great stature; every Archangel and Elohim; has come through a path similar to that which you now tread. It is only through experience that you become the loving Brother or Sister, who can watch and wait, offering assistance only when asked! This is one of the Cosmic Laws, frequently ignored in the physical realm.

You have each witnessed how a person, still enmeshed in human consciousness, sees himself only by looking at others. Advice is offered freely, if not actually forced, upon these significant others! Beloved chelas, when you observe this taking place, I ask that you keep watch over your own energies. Be more silent. Refrain from judgment and outer response. Consciously and quietly, inbreathe peace and love from your Presence, and then gently breathe it outward into your aura. As you do this, a forcefield of quietude will form around you. You will then see many changes take place quickly, and yet, you will not have said a word. This is one way you may extend the gift of peace to others.



You have been taught about your connection with all life, and all of you accept this teaching. This knowledge is so sacred and holy, that it must be remembered, guarded and used with great care. The man who knows of his unity with all life must always think, feel, speak, act and react in a way that honors this sacred knowledge. Once knowing and accepting the Divine Principle of the Unity of all life, the rule that states 'Do unto others as you would have others do unto you’ expands to include: "Think of others as you would have them think of you'; 'speak of others as you would have them speak of you', and just as important, and perhaps most difficult of all; 'feel toward others as you would have them feel toward you'.

When We say 'you are never alone', it is this Divine Principle of Unity to which We refer. When you accept the reality of Our Friendship into your conscious awareness, you also accept all your brothers and sisters in the Family of Man. This is the manifestation of the True Son - the Christ in action on the physical plane. You shall never again be separated from this knowledge!  

Contemplate what I have said often. Think about your unity with all life when doubt assails you, or you feel unsure of your next step, due to some negativity or fear that has entered your consciousness. The question may enter your mind; 'Is this fear mine, or does it belong to another?' I say to you, does it matter? Any negative or fearful state that gets hold of you for whatever reason, must be dealt with by you. This is the test of the true Son. You must always take full responsibility for your individual activities, because of the very fact that you know you are ONE with ALL LIFE! Let nothing escape your notice! Let nothing escape your consciousness without taking proper action, for you are a Son or Daughter of God!  

You may look upon the mass consciousness with true compassion, but you must not take refuge within it. You must transmute it; lovingly, patiently, and with persistence. You must always be 'on the job', just as We are! This is quite a responsibility, but the time is now. When you become discouraged - think of Me, and I AM instantly at your side. Previously, you have said and understood that love is all there is. Now - on yet a higher path - your love must be translated - through Enlightenment and Understanding - into God's Love, which is perfect.

The major test faced in a physical world is of the emotional body, and it is refined through the mental body. The physical body - and the outer world itself-outpictures the results of your work of refining and coordinating your lower vehicles. The memories of your experiences, emotional, mental and physical, are stored in the etheric body, which We have called the soul. From life to life and place to place, the soul thus created carries the memories and experiences forward into each new embodiment.  

Memories and knowledge stored away in the etheric body must eventually be recovered, comprehended and incorporated into practical usefulness through spiritual understanding. This knowledge must first be purified and brought to full conscious awareness through the application of the Violet Fire. This allows you to become more purified daily and hourly, moment by moment, according to your application.

It has been taught that in the astral realms - everything 'appears' as it truly is, and this is so. This is why so few embodied lifestreams can bear the experience of conscious awareness of the lower astral realms for very long periods of time. These realms comprise the etheric memories of the mass consciousness, and are in deep need of purification. Your growing wisdom and understanding regarding these matters, may be embodied in the Violet Fire, and blazed through the astral realms frequently, with great healing power. This is the Tool of Freedom! It is the reason We ask you to work with Us, to transmute and purify these realms, during both your waking and sleeping hours. You may not remember when you graciously assist the Angels in this work while your bodies sleep, and this is for your protection. However, I want you to know that your assistance, when offered, is always both accepted and appreciated.  

What I ask of you is contemplation. I want you to think about what I AM imparting to you. Take time to give gratitude to the Angels, just as We give gratitude to you for your healing love, freely extended to all life you encounter. God's Love and Wisdom have to be foremost in your consciousness, and the all encompassing love of your Presence is consistently acknowledged and encouraged to work through you.  


With My heartfelt love and gratitude to each of you for your dedication and service, know that - when you gather together to serve the Light - I AM always among you.

Your Friend of Silence,



[From: The Bridge Journal Nov. 1994]