Lady Rowena

Chohan of the Third Ray


Qualities Third Ray:

Divine Love, Diplomacy, Tact and Adoration.

   Beloved ones

Allow the flame of love within your heart to always direct your vision, as you observe the energy received through your etheric, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Remember that your four lower vehicles are potent tools in the hands of your inner Christ and this activity can be used by you as a barometer, which, if read with eyes of love, will provide important clues to your specific service within the mass consciousness.  


Guidelines for this service are contained within the thoughtforms and themes of each year, and this one is no exception. These sacred visualizations, together with their affirmations so lovingly given to you through the Lord of the World, continue to serve for a long time after their release into the consciousness of the entire race of human beings evolving upon the Earth. As a chela, your work with these sacred and holy words assists life much more than you could ever realize and your efforts are profoundly appreciated by those of us who serve from the higher realms of light.

Each year the Thoughtform is primarily dedicated to the particular service of the enfolding spirit, together with the sponsors who work with them. This year [1995] it is dedicated to my service as Chohan of the Third Ray, including many facets of my personal gifts and service to the children of Earth, which I AM so happy to be able to share with you. Each Chohan of every Ray brings their specific gifts to the ray upon which they serve, complementing and supporting the God attributes which are already present and a part of that ray.  

As well as directing the activity of universal service, the Thoughtform and Theme also provides you with a great opportunity for further personal unfoldment.

You will learn to be more gentle with yourself, as well as with others. You will become more patient with the process of your own spiritual development, knowing that God is the only power acting at all times. Throughout this process your consciousness is being prepared and infused with the fullness of Holy Spirit. Your every effort is looked upon through eyes of love by your divine Father and holy Mother, for your every victory, no matter how great or small, is also a victory for all mankind.


With a compassionate heart, you quickly come to the realization that through the activity of holding the immaculate concept, you are helping yourself and all your brothers and sisters in the family of man to attain the perfect manifestation of your four lower vehicles. This is of the utmost importance, because these vehicles were given to you by God, so you could manifest your individual, as well as the collective, divine plan of all involved. Through this sacred and holy service to life, you are working very closely with the mind of God, for as you have held and continue to hold only thoughts of perfection upon the screen of your inner vision, the beautiful elemental beings are creating that which you see.  


The way of love is a path of service and silence. Remember that human consciousness can make a great deal of noise to attract your attention and divert you from contemplating only the divine. Be not afraid of silence - of looking within yourself. Do whatever is necessary to hasten the day of your fulfillment, but do it with compassion and love toward yourselves and everyone you meet upon your path. As we proceed through this year, I - along with many others - shall teach you, but it is your responsibility to know and accept beyond all shadow of doubt that we are always with you.


Be silent now, close your eyes, and let your consciousness rest within the precious and secret garden of your heart. I AM here and the pink rose of love I brought from Venus is safely growing within your heart. Nurture this rose carefully and constantly, until its aura of beauty and love expands, completely enfolding you at all times. I love you, dear chelas. (students)  

[From the Bridge Journal 1994]

LADY ROWENA, Chohan of the Third Ray