The elements are the builders of form. They are creating the physical forms out of the 'blue prints' they receive from their superiors. You find elementals in all the Seven Spheres. On the physical plane they descend - just like the angels - not 'lower' than the etheric planes. However they animate the forms they have created as trees, flowers, shrubs; but also the animal kingdom, and the human kingdom. We all have our highly intelligent body elemental. Our elemental friend of many ages. He came with us  in our first incarnation on Earth, and will stay with us, till we leave the physical world by gaining our ascension.



The elementals serve as we know in the  four elements. They are the creators of all the beautiful forms we admire in the Nature Kingdom.



The little elementals are creating the flowers, the shrubs and the little plants. They supply the food we need. We owe the elements our love, gratitude and respect. They have done so much for us during eons of time. Only in the last part of the twentieth century people are beginning to awake, that we have to look after our environment and revere the blessings of Nature.


The elementals develop into Devas. Devas are taking care over larger parts of the nature kingdom. They hover over mountains and landscapes guiding and directing the elementals under their supervision.

Some pictures out of the book: "The Kingdom of the Gods", by Geoffrey Hodson.

The "Gods" referred to in this book are highly evolved elementals. We call them: 'Devas'. So Devas are not  from the angelic kingdom.

More Deva pictures