The  Ascension from darkness into light.... from mortality into eternal life... from limitation into everlasting freedom in the Light of God that is eternally victorious.....














Beloved Serapis Bey

The Chohan of the Fourth Ray.

The Crystal White Ray of the Ascension.


The Ascension is the goal of life. After many embodiments of experimenting with energy in many life experiences, developing the male and female poles during the lifetimes as man and woman, after balancing the Three Fold Flame in his heart and having fulfilled his divine plan, the human lifestream is ready for his ascension.





The Ascension into the Perfected State in the Realms of Light is the GOAL for every man, woman and child on the Earth. The Ascension in the Light is essential for the full manifest expression of the Divine Plan for every Elemental, for every Angel who, through love for humanity, took temporary embodiment in the human race, as well as for every human being belonging to Earth's evolution.

It is well for those who desire to be a part of this redemptive process for the Earth to know that the Ascension Flame is  practical  and can be used in everyday activities of life to change and raise the quality of energy in so-called inanimate objects as well as people. Call forth this Ascension Flame and see It rise through the Earth, the Water, the Air and the Fire elements, and see the change by the requalification of discordant energy which comes from your application.  

The Supreme and Ultimate Goal of every lifestream is the Ascension into the Electronic Body of the "I AM" Presence where such a one becomes forever free from discord, strife and limitation of every kind. If only the people of Earth would be willing to accept the possibility of their own personal Ascension instead of accepting disintegration, limitation, decay and death as the natural order of God's Divine Plan!

What is the Ascension? Merely the raising of the purified energies of the lifestream into the Perfection of the individualized "I AM" Presence. It means that every thought, feeling, word and deed, and every atom of energy must be transmuted into Perfection. This can be done quite joyously and painlessly by the dynamic use of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Divine Mercy and Compassion which has been given to us for this purpose.

The student who is about ready for his own Ascension usually volunteers to not only make the effort to transmute his own destructive karma, but also assist in the redemption of the karma of the rest of humankind. It is when the student DESIRES to make the balance that the Masters can give the greatest assistance. The Ascension is not so much a 'mystic' experience as it is a scientific one. The student is taught how to quicken the vibration of the atoms in all of his four lower bodies by the use of the Sacred Fire, by which process he consciously instigates the throwing off of the discordant vibrations.  

The public Ascension of the Beloved Master Jesus was for the express purpose of showing humanity THEIR ULTIMATE DESTINY! The great Mercy of Life has provided the Violet Transmuting Flame which is ALREADY QUALIFIED LIFE, to assist in the dissolving and transmuting of the imperfections around the atoms. Life provides WATER for our use, but it would be difficult if each individual had to precipitate every drop of water he used! So it is with the Violet Transmuting Flame. It is already provided, you do not have to create it; it only requires your daily dynamic use of it to bring relief from distress, thus bringing Perfection?and ultimately, the Ascension to each individual who uses it.

The more Joy, Happiness, and Enthusiasm you can release in your application, the quicker will your Victory manifest. Self-condemnation, self-pity and self-depreciation because of mistakes made are not in accord with the Law. Many are the experiences through which the 'Candidate for the Ascension' must pass so that each one can learn the Power of the Holy Christ Flame within the heart and thus govern the four lower bodies.

© The Bridge to spiritual Freedom: from  Primary Instruction # 13