Serapis Bey Chohan of the

Fourth Ray,

The Crystal White

Ascension Flame

Qualities Fourth Ray:

Ascension, Beauty, Buoyancy, Purity, Resurrection, and Creativity.



I AM the Master Presence of Light in my being and world right now and eternally sustained!

This fiat, issued with the full conscious understanding of what Light is, allows the individual lifestream almost unlimited action in the fulfillment of the manifestation pressed into the consciousness by the higher mind.

Light, in its original purity, is really the emanation or radiation from the pure God Flame uncontaminated by human qualification of any description, and the limitless use of Light is the master control of all circumstances and manifestations.  

The individual, incarnate, discarnate, or ascended, has the capacity within his own God Flame to draw forth, generate and expand an intensified power of Light without limit. To experiment with the silent masterful control of the power of Light through one's own consciousness, or another's, is to enter into a realm wherein Light itself becomes the potent force as well as the substance within all manifestation.

The supremacy of Light over darkness has been proven again and again by the simple expedient of drawing forth Light through mechanical means, or otherwise, into a place where darkness seems to reign. You will find that there is no battle between it and Light as the automatic mass control of darkness ceases to be where Light is invoked, either by the turning of a switch, the lighting of a candle, or by the directing of cosmic currents of intelligent energy. You will see, therefore, that there is no need for tension or a sense of overcoming, or battle in the calling forth of the supremacy of Light which immediately expresses itself as the master control wherever it is invoked. 


The human mind, the feeling nature, the mental body, the environment and the physical form can only receive good from the invocation of Light, for within the Light is every quality representing happiness and eternal good.

Serapis Bey 

[From the Bridge Journal: Jan through March 2001]