From out of the mist of the Ages appears:

Hilarion Chohan of the Fifth Ray.

The Green Ray of Truth, Healing,

 Concentration and Consecration.

Master Hilarion:

You know Me as an example of strength in My teaching, and that I tend to be strong in the way that I express Myself to you. I, Myself, have noticed that Our chelas [students of the Ascended Masters] do not lack strength in expression, either I would say that many of you pound upon the doors of Heaven with what I call an appreciable show of firmness in your demands! I do not wish to discourage you in your calls, but I would like to point out that there is One Who stands at the door of the Secret Chamber within your hearts, waiting patiently and quietly to be admitted. He, too, knocks at the door, and He bears a great gift within His Hands. That "One" is the Holy Christ Self, an already perfected Being of Light and Flame, and the gift He brings is that of your full Spiritual Enlightenment.To hear His knock and His Voice, and to receive His Gift, you must take the time to be quiet, for only within the deep Silence of your Heart Flame can this Voice be heard.

I don't want you to think that I am asking you not to make calls for assistance and healing, either for yourselves or others. I but remind you to take the time necessary to prepare the way for the coming of the Christ within your own consciousness before you can expect to be completely functioning Healers of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. You may always ask for assistance, but My point is that if you do not listen well, you may not hear the answer when it comes!

You know I AM an exponent of God's Truth, and this is the first aspect of My Being at all times. From the Temple of Truth and Healing located in the etheric realm over Crete, I send forth the Ray of Truth in constantly pulsating waves of Light to cover the Earth. These currents of Divine Truth are available to the up-reaching consciousness of all who seek Truth.

Dear Ones, your four lower vehicles are capable of creating so much noise and distraction, if you permit it! They have, in essence, claimed your birthright, and it is time to call an end to their dominion. Let not the outer world appearances -- and I speak of your own personal outer worlds - claim your attention and your power, your admiration or your fear. The noise of the entire Planet Earth is but the multiplication of the personal worlds of all upon it, and it distorts the perfect Keynote that will complete the Cosmic Chord of the Universal Song We all long to hear.


I have told you that when I walked the Earth as Saul of Tarsus, My Presence withdrew my physical sight in order to reveal to me the Truth that could only be found within. Through this experience which was not welcomed by My outer consciousness at the time I was forced to go within and remain until I received the enlightenment, courage, and humility of my Inner Christ to move forward again. That experience prepared Me to take a different course, from which I never again departed.


You may think that My experience sounds extreme, and so it was. However, I tell you that today, human consciousness is no less blind than I was, as Saul. Since that time, I have never ceased praising God in every lifestream I contact, and I ask that you do likewise.

What does this mean to you? It means, in simple words, praise the Christ Flame within your heart and every heart, even when you cannot see that It exists, because of the outer appearance'! Continue, continue, and continue!

The Voice of the Master is that of Truth, bearing every gift, and the answer to every question of which you could conceive, but if you are not listening, how can you receive it?


You cannot truly love another until you know the love of that Christ Self within. Waste not your precious energy looking outside yourself for the Redemption which stands at the door of your heart and knocks! In the silence you will hear It speak. You will know true Love, when you hear that voice say to you: "I AM" HERE, and I LOVE YOU! "I AM" THAT "I AM”!

Your Friend, HILARION

[Excerpts from the Bridge Journals May 1991/ Nov.1994]