John the Beloved,

Chohan of the Sixth Ray

The Ruby Gold Ray 

Qualities Sixth Ray:

Peace, Ministration, Harmony and Devotion.


Blessed Children,

As I look upon your shining spirits, My thoughts return to a time when a somewhat ordinary looking stranger invited my brother and me to join him, promising us the rather dubious honor of becoming "fishers of men". James and I were not ignorant of our trade of fishing, for it was our livelihood, and that of our father before us. In our trade, huge nets were cast over the side of the boat, and when they were drawn in, the resulting catch was sorted into two main categories - that which was saleable, and that which was not. The latter was tossed back into the sea to make more room for the next catch. 

To perform this work was not difficult, except for the physical effort involved, which was considerable. To become fishers of men, however, was a new thought, and quite beyond our comprehension at that time. Can you imagine our thoughts? On the one hand, hard work aside, we had a trade and a lifestyle to which we were accustomed, and which furnished us our livelihood. On the other hand, a young man with bright eyes and enthusiastic manner stood waiting, having made His offer to lead us into a totally uncertain future!

I cannot describe the sensations that I experienced, and if it were not for the tremendous bonds forged at inner levels of being, I doubt if either James or I would have even considered them proposition for a moment. However, we had been prepared to fulfill our parts in the great pageant of the Christian Dispensation opening at that time, just as you have been prepared at inner levels to fulfill your Divine Plan in this Great New Age. We had only to listen to our hearts to know without a doubt which course to take! Our task required a radical change in the way we viewed our society, and every phase of our lives. Our Beloved Master Jesus would never consider permitting even one supplicant to leave our presence without obtaining that for which they hungered - be it healing, illumination, or just a few loving words of kindness and compassion. He taught us the value of Life - that no one could be discarded or passed over in favor of one's self or his close associates.

Life in those times was difficult, and the average person was forced to look away from many of his fellowmen in the struggle to sustain his own existence. With our Beloved Master, we not only learned to recognize the value of each lifestream, but also how to help them recognize their own worth so that the healing process could begin. These are lessons that much of humanity still has to learn, so that cooperation between races and cultures may be based upon mutual understanding and compassion for those not so fortunate as one's self.  

This is the Light you carry as the Light Bearers of the New Age. The path upon which you walk closely parallel that which We trod before you. You, too, must pass beneath the floodlamp of public scrutiny, just as We did. This in itself is not easy, and it is not something that We may help you with, except to enfold you in Our love and understanding.

The work you are doing as a group is one of the most important parts of your training, for, as you learn to cooperate with each other, you also gain a great measure of self mastery through the subjugation of your own personal egos. "I AM" called John, the Beloved, because of the total consecration of My energies to those of Master Jesus. Everything in Me recognized and responded to the Christ, which was so fully expressed in and through Him. Because of that Love, there was nothing He ever asked of Me that I would not do.

Through My love for the Christ in Him, I came to know the Christ within Myself. Total surrender to your own indwelling Christ is absolutely necessary to the completion of your Divine Plan, as well as that of all the evolutions of the planet Earth. Once you have truly mastered this step of total surrender to your Inner Christ, it is easy to know that the Christ lives in the hearts of all! The Universal Storehouse of All Good is instantly opened to those who act in a manner which benefits any other part of life when it is based in this recognition and acknowledgment.  

My energy, and that of all the Spiritual Hierarchy is devoted to guiding you in your quest to free the planet Earth from the bondage of darkness. Work with Us, and - as importantly - work with those whom you contact in your day- to-day activities.

I say to you that I love you - each one - with the same intensity of Love, which I gave to Master Jesus in that time long ago. Just as Beloved Mother Mary became Mother of all of you through Her love of Jesus, so "I AM" the Brother and the Friend of all of you because of My love for Him. In the name of that Sacred Love, I now bestow a blessing upon each one of you, asking that you express your joy of Service by EXPANDING that Blessing of Love to all life you meet upon your Paths to Mastery!

I salute the Light of the Christ within your Hearts!


[From the Bridge Journal May 1991]