Every action and every thought of each human soul is blessed with a Divine Momentum. Every leaf that falls is part of the perfectly ordained plan for the Universe. As God is within everything, so are all Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy within each one of you, for all Beings of Grace are a vibration of the one true radiation which is the Immanent Power of God. In this way the whole of Creation streams forth from its center like rays of sunlight, dancing with the realization of the manifold aspects of Deity.



Since the whole Universe rejoices in this Celestial Dance the movement of each individual atom creates anew the pattern of the whole. A perpetual equilibrium is maintained, working within the Eternal Laws of Cause and Effect. Every action and every thought of each one of you, is, therefore, a step in the Dance of Life to which the whole Universe must respond.

To maintain the perfect balance, ensure that your words, thoughts and actions are not flung carelessly into this perfect measure, but do only that which is, necessary to fulfill the Will of God as it manifests through YOUR lifestream.

Our beloved co-servers on this Earth, I wish to draw your attention to the importance of remaining centered, which results in BALANCE.

Lord Saithrhu, Manu of the Seventh Root Race