The "Eyes of Eternity" are the Eyes of your I AM Presence. They see the glory and perfection of the ever expanding kingdom. They also see the specific part  He or She has to play.

The expansion of the Kingdom always involves two aspects: consciousness and creation. Both expand simultaneously and parallel. The bigger the creation or project, the greater the enfolding consciousness.

Inner growth is dependent on your freewill choices. Everything in the universe is totally completed by freewill.

When the choice is made, the individual or group are held together by severe vows to persevere till the end of the project or creation. As you can imagine, this might span millions of years.

Going into Eternity does not mean that you loose yourself into Infinity. You have to focus, where you want to be, why you want to be there and is it for the overall good. Leisure time is no longer necessary nor permitted. You will always be "on the Father's business."




With "eternity eyes" you also have to focus. For this reason you were taught incessantly to focus your attention in the three dimensional world. As you know, where your attention is there you are. You will be of the most assistance to the energies, which carry your own flame and qualities.

The fullness of Divine Mind supplies the exploring lifestream with all the wonders of Eternal Life. Known and unknown ideas and images reveal themselves before his admiring gaze. Then he becomes aware that he has to select one or more of these pictures and nourish them with his life energies to manifest them in the form worlds to further the Divine Plan of the Planetary System.

Not everything your eyes behold is beautiful. You see the working of the Law of Cause and Effect and how much energy still has to be transmuted. You see good people full of potential, being "swept away" by the machinations of the negative forces. You must witness this all, without the possibility of losing your balance. Love life free.

From: Through the Eyes of Eternity