The Great Silence is the causeless cause. It has always been and will always be. It is! For the human mind this is impossible to comprehend. The reason is, because the human mind has been created; it has a beginning and an end, so it can only contemplate the Eternal Now, but never enfold it.

The Great Silence is forever expanding and the Power of the Silence is infinite too. It manifests itself  as a transforming force, which transforms all negative energy in the world of form in perfection, when it is called forth by a consciousness who is dweller of that plane of existence. The power of the Great Silence is then becoming such a dominant, permanent and strong radiance in your aura, that everyone you meet gets a feeling of respect and reverence. The feeling you sometimes experience when you enter a Temple or Church and become so impressed that you hardly dare to whisper. 

In the Silence all outer tests and tribulations fade away as if they never were. All energy is recharged and peace restored. It is the abode of perfection and eternal growth in higher aspects of the One Life, by some called God, Allah, Jehovah or I AM! The Great Silence is comfortable, eternal and ever expanding. It is the Center of Equilibrium, the Eternal Now!

It is difficult for the consciousness which is accustomed during centuries to listen to the manipulations and intrigues of the outer human ego, to shift the attention to the “Eternal Rhythm.”  

The human mind has been fascinated by the idea of eternity, because he doesn’t understand it. He cannot enfold it with the outer self. For the Divine Consciousness this is the natural process of expanding in the HERE AND NOW! Compare it with a swimmer in deep water. Whether the water is three feet or three miles deep doesn’t mind for the swimmer. He knows how to swim or else he will drown irrevocably. For those who cannot swim a swimming pool with shallow water is provided.


There he will become accustomed to the water and is instructed how to swim. The Divine Consciousness recognizes Itself in the Infinity and expands Itself without limit, always and forever. The human consciousness confronted with the concept of infinity and the always existing Great Silence becomes insane. “Learning how to swim” means here: Surrendering everything to the Presence of God “I AM THAT I AM.” Infinity is for the divine consciousness the same as the “deep sea” for the swimmer. You can abide in it without being able to enfold it. The key is ‘consciousness.’


Infinity is manifesting itself in a lifestream, who doesn’t need to change things or circumstances all the times. Knowing that the divine plan is unfolding and taking the opportunities at hand, following the promptings of the Holy Christ Self, then the lifestream is aware that everything is in Divine Order. Infinity is always expanding. Once you will experience the depth of Eternity when you finally let go of your identity with form and surroundings.

The infinity is an experience of unity and totality. Unimaginable for the human mind. Time doesn’t exist for a Cosmic Being. Your I AM Presence exists in the eternal NOW! The entanglement with time comes in relation to creation and with the delusion of limitation of consciousness.


For a Cosmic Being the creation has already been done, but the process of manifestation in the form worlds still has to begin. In the word ‘process’ time is already included: a beginning, growth and an end. Creation is necessary to expand the consciousness of the developing lifestreams for who it is created. This is also true for Cosmic Beings who are engaged in a certain Creation. And this goes on for eternity.