The Great Silence is the Source of all that is, has been or ever will be. It is the “Store House” of Divine Creation and Maintenance. Being in the Silence, radiating forth all the divine qualities that are adamant on the moment, you completely forget self. You are just a focus of light, radiating the energies necessary to hasten or enhance a project at hand. Being God in Action. This state of being has to become customary and rhythmic. Being and Acting from within the Silence of God-Consciousness 24 hours a day. Try to expand your consciousness in the Silence as far as you can. While you do this, enfold all life as much as your consciousness is able to do. When you’ve reached your limits, blaze forth love, peace, happiness and harmony. What has happened? You made a thoughtform, which maybe containing universes, with suns and Central Suns, and you filled that with all the divine qualities you felt necessary. This thoughtform will be used for the greater good. The actual expansion of your aura even temporarily will be very limited. As you know to expand your aura to even enfold a planet, needs the consciousness of an Initiate of the ninth degree. A Lord of the World, the beloved Gautama, blessed be His Name.  

When you gain a momentum in the Silence and your four lower vehicles are perfectly purified and in one line, you can start the work you came for: being a channel of the Light of God on the physical, etheric, mental and emotional planes of this Planet. Being one with God you know and experience, that all the energies you’re working with are alive and intelligent. By using them, you become one with them and responsible for the way you use them. You have always done that unconsciously. Now it is time to serve with them on a conscious base. When you experience “God” as an Energy, which can take any form, any size, any quality, and that the only requirement is a self-conscious being using freewill, you can imagine how immense the responsibility is to use this energy wisely. Which way you go, how much time you have are all later issues. Use your energies wisely in the Here and Now!

You are always placed in the perfect circumstances to live your life and fulfill your divine plan. Be attentive to the opportunities at hand to make the fullest of your day. To be open for the suggestions of your Holy Christ Self you need to be in a state of Listening Grace all the time, so you will never miss an opportunity when it is given. By constantly training your four lower vehicles to outpicture only perfection, the outer world HAS TO RESPOND. You will gradually notice that the inner perfection will manifest in your sphere of influence. Perfection already exists. You only have to manifest it in the world of form by molding your vehicles in the form they can outpicture this perfection. Try! To focus your attention on brilliant white light helps at times to discover remnants of negativity that linger on hidden places in some of your four lower vehicles. The crystalline white light brings them to the fore, where they can be transmuted into perfection by the Sacred Violet Fire.