By  concentrating on the highest you can imagine, you accelerate the vibratory activity of the atoms and electrons in your lower vehicles, always going upward on the spiral of perfection and everlasting life. The power of concentration, to focus your attention on a divine quality or a project you want to establish, will draw the atoms and electrons from the realm of cause into the matrix of your concept, the feelings of love and enthusiasm will energize them into action and manifestation. The statement: "I AM" a Being of Cause alone means, that you came out of the “Heart of God” as a White Fire Being and you were asked whether you wished to create as God Creates or return to the unformed. Those, who wished to create, were divided in two I AM Presences. A Male and a Female Being. Two Beings of Cause. Cause indicates the beginning of creation. An I AM Being not merely IS, but also HAS. It has the power to create as the Father does. And remember, the first cause is Perfection for all life. As long as you react in the old ways, responding to fear (uncertainties, worries, doubt, etc.) the “Kingdom of Heaven”, the Fourth Dimensional level of consciousness cannot yet be available for you. You have to ‘think as God, ‘feel as God’ and ‘act as God’. Meaning there may not be any doubt whatsoever, that everything in your world is always in divine order. Just continue the service in which you are currently occupied. Open yourself for new thoughtforms, new ideas, and new feelings to express the ever-expanding beauty of our Mother-Father God.

Nothing remains the same, everything is spiraling upwards to more perfect manifestations. Do not look for examples in the outer world, BE the example.  The joy of service becomes overwhelming at times when you contemplate in the Silence what you can do, and how you can manifest the ideas and projects you want to establish. In the inner realms everything seems easy and joyful. The challenges come when you try to manifest them in the three dimensional world. If you follow the currents of love from the Godhead to the children of Earth and further to the animal, plants and elemental kingdoms, you see the expression of beauty in form, gesture and radiation. It is really the elixir of life and youth. Find new ways to express this Love, the ever expanding, all encompassing, unifying essence of the universe. The more you continue your rhythmic application of the special service you find yourself in today, the more the Ascended and Cosmic Beings Who wish to serve with you can enhance and expand this specific quality or project in the mass-consciousness. Your total commitment and love is required on a regular base to make it accessible to ever more people.

The final consequence of communication with God is becoming one with this Sacred Fire. The Will of God in the individual will decide in what way this Sacred Fire shall be wielded. Consequently when the two become one, the separate self and the Enfolding Self, there is no longer communication with God, but communication with individuals, who also act from within this God Consciousness; the Ascended Ones. These can be very exalted Beings, like Sun Gods or even higher Cosmic Beings. Communication is now a unity of purpose with some or many of the “Beings of Light”. I AM THAT I AM the Eternal ever-expanding consciousness of the One Life. “All individualized life is expanding the borders of My Kingdom, when they become one with My Will. I AM the cohesive and sustaining power of all Universes. I AM the Fire Breath of Life”.


Creation can only exist by the Holy Breath. Form needs Breath. Without the Breath Creation ceases to be and becomes consciousness again. Your life becomes very poised and balanced. Harmony is now the natural conductor of the energies necessary to establish the current project.

Enfolding all life is a concept which entails a lot of responsibility, because now you have to take extra care to make your energies pure and powerful. Not contaminated in any way by human consciousness. To embody divine love, or divine compassion is only possible when you make that tremendous effort of keeping your attention on the “highest”, which means that the vibration of your vehicles are always as high as possible.

All what you need, all what you want, all possibilities for further growth and development, are present in the Great Silence, you only have to ask. It is often revered too as your spiritual inheritance. Although this inheritance is unlimited you have to choose and use it cautiously. It is energy, and energy must not be wasted. New energies are entering the atmosphere of the Earth, and when you open yourself to them, many new ideas and discoveries can be acquired. What do you want for yourself? What do you want for others? Think about it. You can manifest it in your world and then expand it outward. It is already happening all over the planet. Be God in Action. Concentrate and meditate about the Presence of God I AM all the days of your life and show Him or Her, your most precious thoughts and feelings. They will manifest. Ask for direction of your Presence by ALL the decisions you have to make during your daily sojourn on this level of consciousness. This is a part of extending the Borders of your Mother-Father God’s Kingdom. The manifestation of God’s Kingdom in your world starts with very delicate energies. You wonder if what happens is real and will last. It will if you give it your energies of love and gratitude. The more you work with the Sacred Fire, the more you become it. It becomes a part of your being, a part of who you are. And this will stay with you through all eternity. Growing, expanding and showing more and more of the unity of all the Rays in that part of the Sacred Fire you are accustomed to work with. Always remember to keep your patience. It is the utmost balance and control of your energies. Only with patience you can experience harmony under all circumstances. And on the most unexpected moment the mists will clear and you will behold the summit of the mountain of attainment. Keep on, keeping on.