The fulfillment of the divine plan takes place after the manifestation of the divine qualities through your lifestream 24 hours a day. No negativity, doubt or personal desire will ever cloud your consciousness again. God’s WILL BE DONE! When you’ve learned to recognize the Voice of the Presence of God I AM as your own voice and fully comply with the commandment: “Not my will, but Thine be done”, you will be God in Action at all times. Every thought, every feeling, every action or reaction is now rooted in: “The Highest good for all”, and you are beginning to take your first, gentle and careful steps as a God Being. More correctly stated: a being trying to follow the promptings of his or her I AM Presence in the world of form.

Knowing that you are one with God is accepting no limitations. You are one with the Divine Mind and any question or uncertainty will diminish or dissolve in this Light. It does not always mean, that you receive a definite answer on your question, but circumstances in your life and the vibratory activity of your four lower vehicles will alter, so that the difficulty or question will be dissolved in the Light of God or will request a different approach from you to encounter and overcome your weaknesses in victorious accomplishment. Every faculty, every idea is at your disposal now, and it was this that your ego tried to withhold from you through countless embodiments, because it knew it can only be used by God I AM THAT I AM and not by itself. It is the end of his or her ruling and control. There is no place for the human ego in the Kingdom of Heaven, but that of servant. God is again the Doer, the Doing and the Deed.


Now concentrate on the golden liquid-like substance of God’s Illumination, Wisdom and Understanding and put your question or your difficulty in this sea of Golden Light and ask for a divine way to solve this problem or limitation. Be totally assured that the answer will come forth instantaneously and needs only time to pass through your four lower vehicles to find the perfect manifestation in your world. Again, the purity of your vehicles permits or slows down the process of this manifestation. Have faith and “keep on, keeping on".

Due to the incoming of new energies, we are responding in a different way. Things and matters that used to be familiar and comfortable, no longer are, so we have to adjust and change our response to many things and react in ways more suitable to the new situation.

The music of the spheres and the feeling worlds of the Angelic Kingdom can be a part of your experience when you no longer allow energy from the human level to disturb your balance. It is all a matter of adjusting your energies to the higher level of vibration. Remember, where your attention is, there you are. It has always been said: “The Truth is simply, and it shall set you free”. Put your attention on perfection, and affirm that everything that passes your consciousness must be perfect. We have a beautiful decree in our: “Book of Ceremony” (From: “The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom"), which says: * “Mighty I AM Presence, take command of this outer self this day. Take command of my every thought, feeling, spoken word, action and reaction. Produce your perfection, hold your dominion. Put and keep me always in my right and perfect place. Show me the perfect thing to do and through me, do it perfectly. So be it, Beloved I AM”. *From the Bridge to spiritual Freedom

If you say this decree every morning with love and gratitude and hold your attention on it, when you’re not specific occupied in something, your life will change dramatically. The Unity with all life is constantly growing and expanding. From the Threefold Flame of all life you can encourage anyone to sacrifice, unify and fulfill their divine plans in harmony; being courageous and stalwart. Being one with God also makes you fearless, because you know nothing can harm you that is apart of God. However, karma has  to be solved, whether by transmutation or by experience.

Your communication with God will be an ever growing process in enfolding more and more life into that of your own, and extending your energies into life and experience unknown as yet, forever expanding the Borders of the Father’s Kingdom.