Every single man of us has hopes that when he dies,
He will enter into heavenly bliss up among the skies.

We vision it a lovely place wherein to rest in peace,
Filled with gorgeous majesty wherein wonders never cease.

We see ourselves upon a cloud in purest white arrayed,
Our heads so free from worry upon a grass tuft laid.

And angels all about us singing of the Lord,
Our songs blending with them in one sweet accord.

This heaven is a perfect state to which we all aspire,
Man through lives have sought it, and seeking, never tire.

They have sought it in the hilltops, they have sought it in the glen,
They have sought it in the desert, but never in the souls of men.

When seeking they have wearied, and searched the whole world through,
When deeds they have accomplished till there is nothing more to do.

When all their quests have failed and when they their actions cease,
In quiet meditation, they shall find their peace.

For Heaven is not a place nor plane, nor either is untrue
But lies within the soul of man, to be revealed to you.

When earnestly itís sought for, when knocking at its door,
You feel that you have done your best, and can do no more.

Then lo the door is opened, and enter it you may
To your Christly Kingdom, always there to stay.

For once that you have found it and safe within abide,
All earthly worries pass away and you remain inside.

So let us offer up a prayer that we may sooner see
This perfect state expressed in life as well as in Eternity.

(The above lovely Poem was written by beloved Geraldine Innocente, prior to her Ascension in the Light)

Founder of The Bridge to Freedom; now Lady Miriam, divine complement of Master Morya.

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