The world without is but a photographic plate of sensitive "ether" which is but in a sense a mirror for the thought and feelings of individuals. It is in a constant state of change due to the fluctuation of the thought and feeling processes in the minds and hearts of mankind. This picture is what mankind terms ‘reality' because to the senses they can see and touch the passing forms and they have become so enmeshed in that which the senses report as true that they consider it reality. 

On the contrary, there is an inner world which is never changing except in an expanding quality of perfection. This inner world is reflected on the screen of the outer world ethers in the more or less stationary expressions of nature, like mountains, seas and lakes. 

Wherever a man or woman can be found who will cease to generate human thought and feeling, through such a one, the world of the Real begins to pour its picture and through that lifestream more and more of Divine Reality is stamped on the substance of the Earth's sphere. You have the essence of this truth in your Decrees where you call the “I AM" Presence to charge through you the Divine Plan fulfilled. 

There are two distinct creators and unless the human self is still, the Divine Creator within the individual is unable to project the true picture of that one's reality from within out, because every impulse from the Presence that would normally and naturally reflect Perfection on the substance of that one's world is interfered with by the numerous human emanations that break the pattern much as a piece of colored glass distorts the beauty of the Sun Ray.  

You have the pure Light from the Presence playing into the substance of the earth on the screen of life, and that Ray would automatically mould the essence of Life into beauty, opulence, peace and harmony, but there constantly steps between the pure Light and its fulfillment the human self that attracts the energy into its own use, and then sends it on to the screen of life as limitation, anger, irritation, poverty, sickness and so on. 

When the human will acknowledges itself in its present outpicturing of life and that individual commands the human self silent, the "I AM" Presence will immediately begin to work to bring Perfection through, and the world of the Real will express through the personal life of such an one. 

Our beloved Saint Germain has said "there are only two activities of Life - if the inner does not act according to its Divine Plan, the outer must." 
The foregoing is but an elaboration on that statement.

Beloved El Morya



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