When the chela realizes the invulnerability of harmoniously qualified energy, he will draw it forth from the Secret Place of the Most High within his own heart, and utilize it in his every thought, word and action.  An understanding of the Law of Harmony is an assurance against disaster and against every outer appearance of imperfection in the chela's world. It is each one's responsibility to maintain a harmonious flow of his own God Energy regardless of any set of external disturbances or sense reports. Men guard their worldly possessions with great watchfulness and vigor, yet allow the most precious of all - Harmony, to be shattered on the slightest pretext of, say, an unkind word or act of another, or by startling reports of worldly affairs and conditions. 


With harmony consciously and constantly maintained there is no set of circumstances or experiences of a seemingly important nature that can manifest in a man's world to throw him off guard or cloud his awareness of the omnipotence and omniscience of the Ever Present One. 

In all of the countries of this Planet Earth today there are few completely happy and harmonious souls in the general run of mankind. Yet Life is constantly trying through the individual experiences, to prove to men by subtle and apparent ways, that they are not living according to the Divine Edict. 



To the faithful chelas, knowing this, there is no cause for alarm for there is no reason why they should not maintain their uninterrupted harmony. Keeping the consciousness high; calling to the Ascended Host in the Realms of Light and upon this Earth, they go forward fearlessly and undaunted, protected by their Cloak of Harmony, a source of blessing to all.

Beloved Maha Chohan