Keep before your consciousness that: 

1. Radiation is the vibratory action of the electrons.

2. The radiation of an individual flows through the entire human race within three seconds.

3. The task of the chela is to learn the Power of his own life.

4. The chela must have a clear, not vague, idea of what Consciousness is.

5. The individual impregnates his surroundings with his thoughts and feelings in an area from 1000 feet (305 meter) to say 10 square miles ( 16 km2 )

6. Every lifestream on this planet can be considered as a string of a Cosmic Harp. Such a harp has 10 billion (miljard) strings.


One chela with a radiation of Peace and Harmony can affect the whole human race for good and the Great Ones can use such a one as a conductor of Their God Qualities and hand feed, so to speak, the inner bodies of all the people.

The time is at hand when the chela should be permanently poised and at peace, for the same reason that the medical doctor does not allow a mother to nurse her child if she is subject to fits of anger, depression or distress because the milk would poison the infant.

I admonish each of you, dear chelas, to release the energy flowing through you, in a harmonious manner and not to “poison” the evolutions of this dear Planet!

In the Spirit of Grace,

I AM Ćolus,

Cosmic Holy Spirit

© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom