Life - Its Intelligence, Obedience and Immortality -  Life  is a gift from God! Life, therefore, is intelligent and does respond to direction. Life is obedient to humanity because God (by whatever name you choose to call him) directed the intelligence in life to obey. Life is immortal because it is the essence of God, who is Immortal; given freely into the creation of planetary systems, individual beings and generally, all that lives.

Humanity is studying life. No scientist has yet been able to actually generate life, although many dedicated man and women have prolonged life in a particular form. The orthodox people refer to life as that which "The Lord giveth and taketh away". However, they err in their belief that the Giver actually takes away life. That life which seems to have been 'taken away' is merely summoned to function in a different Sphere, still under the direction of the freewill of its user.


You, gentle reader, are one of the billions of souls belonging to this Planetary System who have been given the use of life, which has obediently fulfilled your conscious or unconscious commands through the ages. The nature of your soul, the state of your mind and bodies (inner and physical) your surroundings and aura are a result of your qualification of life all through the ages. Now we come to a time when you are offered the knowledge and application by which you may redeem the life given to you, resurrect the Divine Image in which you were created and generally allow life within and about you freedom to express perfection.

Holy Ćolus



Having seen the very smallest electron projected forth from the God-head (the Universal "I AM" Presence), we know that within even one of these electrons (billions of which form your living River of Life) is all the power and potential creative activity of the Deity, it is our endeavor to draw forth from the individual who is ready for such assistance, the gifts that are inherent within the life so freely and constantly given into his use and governing power.

As uncountable numbers of these electrons pass into the being of every member of the human race every minute, if an individual were to utilize the talents, gifts and creative power within even one such electron, he would be amazed at the perfection and the generosity of the gift of life itself. However, humanity lets life (like water) flow through his being unused or, worse still, destructively qualified by thought, feeling, spoken word and action. The Music of the Spheres, the colors of the Heavens, the wisdom of the ages - all these gifts and more are within his own life. We, the Brotherhood of Love, endeavor to direct our Rays into this life and release some of its perfection.

When we have good results through the cooperation of the individual, the life that flows to and through him is qualified with some expression of beauty. Often such a one, once in possession of the power to constructively control the flow of life, forgets the assistance given, reveling in his talent; receiving the benefits from its use; basking in the applause of his contemporaries and generally, feeling that life's talents - merely expressed through him - are his own. Then such a one, by Cosmic Law, is denied the use of that gift in a succeeding life; until the lesson is learned, that life and its Giver are the Doer, the Doing and the Deed.

The Maha Chohan




Life, gentle readers, flows into your being constantly. Because it does so silently, without fanfare, it is accepted too prosaically by humankind. Life gives intelligence to the brain and various members of your body, receptivity to the senses, power of motivation to the physical and inner bodies. It is time to consider from WHENCE comes this life, and WHAT should be done with it.


Humanity can no longer continue to be the beneficiary of the great Giver of Life and not courteously ask of that Giver for what purpose is that life given. When that question comes from the soul, the heart, and the mind of humanity, the answer will be forthcoming from the Giver of life. Then humanity will be held responsible for his further use of life; much more so than the individual who has not come to the point of a spiritual awakening, where he asks this question and receives the answer.

"I AM" among those who have offered to convey the answer to the earnest ones who truly desire to know from whence comes their life; why they are sustained in this physical world, and how they can use life to help fulfill their individual destinies, as well as courteously cooperate with the Giver of Life.

EL Morya

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