Mankind is a slave to the artificial element TIME - which has been created as the measuring rod of growth, unfoldment and accomplishment, and which was primarily established to be a guide to the intellectual wherein it could measure the cooperative flow of nature's forces from season to season. 

In this manner man could assure himself of the Cosmic release of the vibrations from Nature's heart which would ensure completion of his endeavors in agriculture, navigation, etc. 
The early Fathers of the Race, therefore, established this artificial measurement, tracing the course of the Earth Planet around the Sun, so that the mass of the peoples might know when the currents of Nature would be most auspicious for planting, for sailing, etc. 




Examination of the consciousness will reveal, however, that time has become the measuring rod by which all achievement of progress and unfoldment are developed. In the search of the development of the spiritual consciousness, the chela must come to the realization that the entity of time must be reckoned with and dismissed from the consciousness as a limiting condition. The eternal NOW must be contemplated and entertained as the ONLY quality of Being, both with regard to the spiritual illumination and with regard to financial freedom, health, eternal youth. 

Examination of the consciousness will reveal the acceptance of a limited human being who, in time, evolves into a spiritual entity. Examination of the consciousness will also reveal that all financial status is built upon the element of time. There are limitations dependent upon the time of the month when opulence is released in definite rhythmic pulsations of recorded time, thus the consciousness dwells in opulence at whatever time income is expected to be forthcoming and in privation during the time when payments are to be made. 




People have fallen further under the mesmerism of time by reason of the present system of installment purchases wherein they accept that in time they will own their particular manifestation. A careful study of one's inner state of Being will reveal that time is the predominant master of one's life, and even the actions of the average man are conducted, regulated, supervised by and controlled entirely by this artificial mechanism revolving on a pivot, and you will see the foolishness of this in relation to the Universal opulence and health of the Universe when you give it a little thought. 

For instance, so many revolutions of this mechanical contrivance, which is a measurement of time, results in a salary! So many revolutions of this mechanical contrivance results in the course of a life, this robot which can be wound by the hands of a child - becomes the master of the race. In the case of death or some other unhappy experience of the third dimensional plane, the statement is used "Time will heal the wound; Time will fill the loss"! People have no concept of the tremendous limitation that this element of time has placed between them and full Freedom. To re-orient one's inner consciousness into a state of acceptance of ALL GOOD - financial, physical, mental and spiritual - the element of time must first be dealt with within the consciousness and the feeling world of the lifestream. 




The inquiry of discerning minds will immediately question the rhythmic rising and setting of the Sun - these activities are not under the direction of TIME but are the pulsations of Life's energy releasing GOOD and then contracting to draw GOOD from the Universal Father-Mother God, and the result of this inbreathing and outbreathing has given the pattern by which the artificial element of time was set up. The Sun is not bound to rise at five or six o'clock as the case may be. The Sun rises and sets according to the pulsation of its own Heart Flame, and the shadow it casts, mankind has interpreted as time. 

The Universe and all created life lives in rhythm, just as your heart beats in a rhythmic pulsation which can be measured by time as sixty pulsations or so to the minute, but your heart does not wait to fit into the rhythm of the clock - the clock merely records the pulsations of the heart. It must be thus in your individual lives. Your pulsations of opulence, of health, Freedom, etc. may be recorded by the artificial standards of TIME, but they must not be dependent upon or subject to this artificial time.

Serapis Bey