Instruction on the Ascension
Master El Morya

Think of the long journey of each soul ― millions of embodiments, trials, errors, hopes and disillusionments; karma always being woven out of every thought, feeling and action; chains and limitations that wait to enshroud the incoming soul through which the Spirit seeks to fulfill a portion of the Divine Plan and return to the Karmic Board with a harvest in which there is something of merit.

Finally, the embodiment of opportunity comes! The soul is accepted by beloved Serapis Bey and the Brotherhood at the Ascension Flame Temple. The soul is sponsored by the Ascension Temple and examined by the Karmic Board, who look carefully at both the Strength of the individual as well as the amount of unpaid debts which remain on the books of such an one. If the spiritual strength is such that it is even remotely possible that the incarnated spirit may redeem, transmute, purify and sublimate those energies set into motion so carelessly through many ages, the soul is accepted: "Candidate for the Ascension" is written across the etheric body and an incarnation is arranged where all the opportunities will be given for such balancing of the debts. There are also opportunities given to contact the teacher, to learn again the spiritual law in the outer consciousness.



Then the soul, balancing itself precariously between the opportunities to illumine the outer self and the seeming burdens (opportunities in disguise, the returning energies seeking redemption) becomes the personal "Field of Armageddon"... light and shadow... strength and weakness... aspiration and abandonment. The Sponsor watches, hopes and prays. The light from above plays upon the momentums of good in the lifestream; the forces of gathered concupiscence in the Astral Realm play upon the weaknesses.



Then, one day when the service has been enough, the purification sufficient, the constancy, loyalty and perseverance to the light proven (not in days of happy experience but in hours and years of adversity) the call comes "Well done, thou good and faithful servant! Come home in dignity, wearing Freedom's robes and enter the spiritual household of your Lord."

Each of us who is now ascended remembers that summons and the lift of heart, of soul and of spirit, when the chain of life and seeming death was broken and We were invited HOME.




For even one spirit who comes home, the rocks, the trees, the Nature Kingdom, sings a song of gratitude. The Heavenly Host also join in and there thrills through every human heart (although the cause is unknown) a little vibration of happiness and exaltation which men often attribute to some personal experience although that may be far from the true reality. The heart flame of the densest of sinners sings at the freedom of part of its element at last.

El Morya

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom