After the personal self is shorn of all sense of importance and vanity; after it finds itself to be nothing, then the Spirit begins to raise the consciousness gently, but in a sustained manner, to greater heights, from whence there is no returning to the snares of the senses. This is a voluntary, individual process in which no other lifestream can interfere.






The soul loses all sense of personal responsibility and yet in losing that sense of personal responsibility for any particular part of life, it becomes aware of a universal responsibility for life everywhere. This freedom from the chains of serving the personal brings the Spirit to an understanding of the words of our Great Master "When I am lifted up so are all men", and the ascending consciousness climbing the Mount of Attainment becomes a quickening power of the entire consciousness of all peoples.





While one still feels bound to any distinct and separate part of life, he has not yet set foot upon the upper regions of the Holy Mount. When one can stand naked and stripped of all individual attraction, and has replaced love of part for love all, then the Great Cosmic Law, like the winged eagle, swoops downward and carries the individual consciousness on its broad back quickly to a point of union with Divinity.

 Saint Germain




ALL the Celestial Hierarchy and in fact all life (except that evolving upon the Earth plane) abides in perfect faith in GOOD.


Lady Faith

  The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom