Beloved Friends of Light, there comes the time in the evolution of the soul when the solitary ascent begins.......



When the lifestream comes under the surveillance of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the pure essence of that lifestream is withdrawn from the lesser consciousness, this personal self suffers much mental and emotional anguish, as the roots of the personal desires and attractions are extracted from their sockets, just as the body suffers pain when a well-rooted growth or tooth is removed.

The chelas who are privileged to be under the particular guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy are all in this phase of soul-growth. Be not disconcerted if you are going through this experience, for every Ascended Being passed through this unhappy and uncertain period when He hung between Heaven and the earth-desires and really was anchored in neither.


All who travel the way of Earth experience this particular anguish that precedes the voluntary climb up the Mount of Attainment into their full Freedom in the Light!

After the personal self is shorn of attachment and all sense of importance and vanity; after it finds itself to be nothing, then the spirit begins to raise the consciousness gently but in a sustained manner to greater and greater heights, from whence there is no returning to the snares of the senses. This is a voluntary individual process in which no other lifestream can interfere.




The soul loses all sense of personal responsibility and yet, in losing a sense of responsibility for any particular part of Life, it becomes aware of a universal responsibility for Life everywhere. This freedom from the chains of serving the personal brings the spirit to an understanding of the words of the Beloved Jesus "When I AM lifted up, so are all men" and the ascending consciousness climbing the Mount of Attainment becomes the raising power of the entire consciousness of all peoples.

While one feels still bound to a distinct and separate part of Life he has not yet set foot upon the pathway of the Holy Mount of Attainment. When he stands stripped of all individual attraction, and has replaced love of a part of life for love for all life, then the great Cosmic Law, like the winged eagle, swoops downward and carries the individual consciousness on its broad back quickly to a point of union with Divinity.


All must learn to become the tranquil spirit, so enamored of God, that the radiation of their beings is a Benediction to all Life. So learn to love all life and not a favored few, and in so doing you will serve as the Great Ones do.

Saint Germain

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom