Good morning, precious powers of Light embodied. I AM Maitreya. I come this morning representing the cosmic Ray of Truth as it cascades out from the Great Central Sun. TRUTH IS THE EXPERIENCE OF GOD. In my capacity as The Cosmic Christ, it is my privilege to represent that truth to humanity, for the first experience of absolute truth that is available to humankind is The Christ. I come specifically this morning to energize the Christ Flame in the heart, raising it up into a magnificent flame in the throat and drawing it up through the bridge of the nose, allowing that flame to expand upon the forehead; for this is The Christ claiming the three higher centers of man, through which the New Age shall come into fruition.

Feel for a moment the Threefold Flame of the Heartólove, wisdom and power in perfect balanceóblazing up in a beautiful spiral through the throat center and on a deep rhythmic breath, through the bridge of the nose up into the forehead, so that the mind, heart and spoken word are all aligned with the cosmic reality of truth.

As the gracious Lady Pallas Athena has said, "This month is dedicated to energizing all centers of truth on this planet." Principally that means the Threefold Flame of the heart, throat and head centers. And when, through spiritual effort the Christ has claimed these three higher centers, you will perceive that truth at all times in all situations. The truth is simply the vibration and radiation of God Reality at that moment. You are to become an electronic outpost of the cosmic momentum of truth. I AM sure you have felt that the momentum of truth is more than a single ray, but covers all the different expressions and manifestations of the Godhead.