Beloved students of God's Love and Light,  

Long have we been working for the redemption of this planet, carefully bringing forth each lesson, each eternal truth, and each opportunity for growth into your outer consciousness. The time has now come when it shall be through you that these many lessons of life shall be shared with all your brothers and sisters in the family of man. For, you are learning your lessons well, often implementing divine principles into your daily life.   

To assist you in this endeavor, I would like to remind you of something very important that will greatly assist you personally on your own spiritual path. You have been told many times before of the importance of the transforming power of the sacred Violet Fire: the most powerful aspect of love available to you at this time, that instantly transmutes all outstanding energy back into perfection. The keyword in this statement is the word energy, for you must look past all outer appearances and begin to see everything in life as energy. This way, you are able to raise yourself above all illusion of human consciousness and there can be no judgment made on your part concerning any given situation   

The alchemy that takes place when wielding the sacred Violet Fire has been designed to transmute energy on all levels. However, I would like to remind you that this activity must begin with your own four lower vehicles, for how else will the Veils of Maya begin to part and the true reality of your being show itself to you? As the energies begin to shift everywhere upon this planet, and the vibrational frequencies heighten, every ounce and particle of energy that makes up this planet and all life upon it is beginning to move much more rapidly.  
A perfect example of this activity is the process of seed germination within the plant kingdom. It begins with a hard, seemingly lifeless shell, that lays dormant for a time but then through the energy released from the sun that flows to the seed, the spark of life within-its actual life energy is activated. Add to this, the energy that the seed receives from the soil and the rain, the time soon comes when the energy within the seed increases so much that it can no longer be contained. Then the plant bursts forth and begins to grow, reaching upward toward the energy of the sun, and the empty shell of the seed, no longer needed, is discarded and eventually returns to its original form.





So too, is every ounce of energy in your four lower vehicles now being transformed, which will allow all the God Qualities thus far dormant within you to burst forth. However, you must remember that as a part of this process, all the effluvia of your many lifetimes upon this planet, which have settled and currently reside in your four lower vehicles, is being stirred up as well. Your life energy contains the lessons of lifetimes, that now must be fully incorporated as part of your being, or transmuted, so it can no longer have a negative effect on your lifestream. Whichever the case, this energy can no longer remain dormant!






Recently you have become much more adept at calling upon the Violet Fire, to help transmute the many situations that occur in your daily life and in the lives of others, yet, you have not fully incorporated the use of this sacred flame—holding it sustained in a constant, rhythmic fashion to purify your four lower vehicles. The rhythm needed for your transformation is contained within the Violet Fire. It can be found and its power activated through the rhythmic activity of the sacred and holy breath for beloved Lady Amethyst, the Spirit of the Violet Fire enters your being on the inbreath. The alchemy needed for the transformation of energy occurs as you hold your breath in and absorb the Violet Flame. This transmuted energy is then released on the outbreath, and as you hold the breath out of your body you lovingly offer this cleansed, purified energy to beloved Virgo, for the rapid transformation of the misqualified energy that is still part of this blessed planet.






Remember that pure energy is impartial, constantly flowing outward from our Father-Mother God. A great help to you would be to begin to look at every situation in your life as nothing more than the ‘movement’ or ‘lack of movement’ of energy, rather than interpreting each situation in terms of feelings and emotions. You must begin to shift your own perception of life, by observing the actual movement of energy rather than the situation. Take a moment right now to see within your mind's eye an uncomfortable situation you have encountered in the past. Observe how the energy moves or doesn't move. Does there seem to be a blockage of some kind that is interrupting the flow? Now shift your attention and look at a comfortable situation in your life. How is the energy flowing now? Focus upon the movement and perhaps you can begin to see and feel a rhythm to the energy. Whatever you experience, I believe you will definitely perceive a difference!

Through the constant and rhythmic application of the Violet Fire, you can assist greatly in the movement of energy. Each of you, as conscious beings of light, bridges the gap that exists between pure and misqualified energy by your calls to the Violet Fire. As you blaze this sacred flame in, through and around every negative situation, you will also perceive the ease in which energy begins to move, as it is transformed from a dense and dark low vibratory level to a much higher and lighter one.







Beloved sisters and brothers, the more you begin to look at life occurrences and circumstances as rhythmic flows of energy, the more adept you will become in directing the Violet Fire into harmoniously flowing energy. In so doing, you will also become more balanced in your own energies, for your emotional body will be less likely to get involved in these situations. You will be less judgmental, allowing the process of purification and transmutation to take place much more quickly. Especially by focusing your attention upon the blockages, your service to this planet will be greatly increased.  







As we quickly approach the dawn of this new day, each of the twelve-fold aspects of God, flowing to the Earth plane as rays of light, are becoming stronger and the energy they contain is more concentrated and focused than it has been in the recent history of this planet. The increase in the vibrational frequencies and the clarity of this energy is the hallmark of the New Age.


This shall open endless opportunities for every person incarnated on this Earth to become great masters of energy, finally creating that well prophesied two thousand year period of heaven on Earth. Each of my temples stand ready to receive and enfold you in the specific qualities and radiation of each ray, and I invite each one of you sitting before me to remain within my radiation and love forever! For all eternity I shall remain your sister of love and light,

Kwan Yin

© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom