Where your attention is―there you are!

What your attention is upon―you become

"... My service to the Earth as Chohan of the Seventh Ray is to teach men and women how to consume or transmute mistakes by the Transmuting Flame of Freedom's Love and actively inspire them with a positive desire for a purer, cleaner, happier way of life. With this end in sight I have stressed without ceasing the importance of the continual use or application of the purifying and transmuting aspect of the Sacred Fires. I do not exaggerate when I make the statement that no one uses this cosmic Violet Fire of Freedom's Love sufficiently when it is remembered that the lifestream has re-embodied on the Earth thousands and thousands of times in the long course of its evolution and has been misusing the energy of life almost continually during that long sojourn. Remember beloved ones: energy is God's Life in Action! ...”

Saint Germain






To assist you in remaining focused and to transmute your past misuse of God's Holy energy, included below are several short prayers and divine inspirations offered to the children of Earth by Ćolus, the Cosmic Holy Spirit. Please feel free to use this information in your daily spiritual activities and share it with others.  


"... From time to time individuals tuned into and became one with the Cosmic Holy Spirit for temporary periods of time. Those who retained this connection by abiding in the Law of Harmony became part of the Ascended Host of Light and it is to this goal of achievement that I point you to now. Remember that the channel through which the Holy Spirit flows is harmony and the chelas can do much to open the door to my outpouring... "  

Beloved Holy Spirit, come forth now. Qualify the energy offered to my lifestream today with Perfection's Flame before it enters my bodies to bring harmony into my life. To this end, I invoke the full power and glory of your divine essence to be released through my mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self into the consciousness of my humble self and all those I come in contact with this day and every day. So be it, beloved I AM.







"Open your mind to constructive ideas! Whatever is most frightening to your inner nature attracts a host of negative entities who present themselves with the firm conviction that your energy will give them almost immortal life. To root out fear and doubt within yourself is to render these creatures harmless...  

"On the other hand, the best idea in the universe never became manifestation until some unascended being took the energy of his or her own lifestream and voluntarily clothed that idea with the substance of the physical world, giving it form ...  

"... People incarnated upon the Earth have the privilege and opportunity of raising the vibratory action of their inner bodies to a point where the light waves constantly emanating, from their lower bodies become a natural invitation to the higher cosmic currents. When such a one is found, the entire Host of Heaven utilizes this conductor and through the aura of the lifestream flows every ascended master quality, gift and power which the individual can sustain... "  

Beloved I AM Presence, through the power of the sacred Violet Transmuting flame, purify and transmute all energy coming to me today for redemption. May I then recognize and accept each and every opportunity to be the Christ in Action, using the gifts of sacred fire to bring peace, harmony and love into my world and the world of those around me. This shall be for I speak from the true center of my being. So be it, beloved I AM. 







"We cannot stress too strongly to you this truth: what your mind dwells upon, what, you think and what you feel, you force into your experience ... The strongest and really the only protection for any individual in the third dimensional plane, lies in your ability to hold to the vision of good rather than yielding to the appearance of evil, which allows limitation of your own creative abilities  ...  

" ... Gandhi learned through much contemplation and devotion to his spiritual source that his greatest service was as a silent conductor of the essence of peace, balance, harmony and light to his people. You too are a mighty radiating center and the light of your being flows constantly, opening channels and pathways through the dense, heavy substance which forms the natural atmosphere of your surroundings... "  

I speak from deep within the perfectly balanced Threefold Flame at my heartcenter and offer all the understanding, love, strength, comfort and gratitude of my being to bless all life everywhere. Beloved Holy Christ Self, thank you for the opportunity today to become yourself in action in the physical world of form, and may I spend this night resting safely in the loving arms of my Presence. I AM grateful, I AM so very grateful. So be it, beloved I AM.  

Remember always that nothing in life is as important as loving, adoring and reaching up to the mighty I AM Presence within you and in the universe. Never lose the joy and enthusiasm for the quest for one moment!

Saint Germain

© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom