Beloved friends of the ages,

I come today, bringing you the peace and joy that is constant within my being. Looking upon you, I AM reminded of the beautiful lilies of the field, as you hold the exquisite cups of your consciousness high above the weeds of human reasoning that grow around you. You must remember that the beauty of spiritual consciousness is as natural as the beauty of these flowers, for they do not struggle to be beautiful; they merely grow wherever they are planted, fully expressing their natural heritage. Every summer when they bloom, you will notice that where there was one lily, there are soon more, until they occupy a whole field that was once filled with weeds. Some flowers bend their heads to look down at the Earth, but the lilies of the field look up, forming a cup with their petals to receive the sunlight and the rain to nourish them. In the same way, you must also hold your cups high, for how else can you receive the nourishment released, as through the glory of the ages the magnificent light of God appears?









The many ages have marched steadily forward, bringing you to this point in your evolution. You have been present in many of them, one after another, learning and growing, until you are now the recipients and dispensers of God's light that will draw the entire human family and the planet Earth into the ultimate glory of the golden age, for which we have so long prepared! You know that I, too, have been present with you, and so I shall continue, sharing my gifts with you, even as I ask that you do the same for your fellow travelers.





I have recently heard many of you say; "I feel as though I am losing my mind!" I say to you, it is time! Do not fear! Do not resist the divine mind of God now being offered freely for your taking! Thank your sacred I AM Presence that you stand at this point in your evolution, personally as well as at a planetary level, where you may now let go of the human mind that has held you captive for so long. Up to now, your preparation has been of the heart, and you are learning to listen with your hearts, giving full dominion to the Christ within. This was the reason for my incarnation as Jesus, to show you the way to let go of all of the human, finally leading to the cross, which symbolically represents the complete release of human consciousness. You have been told not to let your attention dwell upon the cross, or to keep the Christ upon it and, of course, it is not intended that you should. However, you cannot move past the cross without letting go of the human consciousness that made this sacrifice necessary! Simply stated, the meaning of the cross is the complete sacrifice of all that is human to all that is divine and this understanding is central to your spiritual evolution!




It is also taught that I made this sacrifice for you. This is true, because until it was dynamically shown that human consciousness must be completely sacrificed, humanity would continue to dwell among the illusions he had created, out of which he built a prison to hold the divine consciousness captive. You now face the final letting go of the human, even as I did before you. Take heart, beloved! Accept my gift, for it was given willingly with all my love, and if you accept it, you can let go of all your fears right now! I ask you to turn your attention to beloved Archangel Michael, my cosmic father, and take this moment to realize his presence with us in this sanctuary right now. You decree to him: "Put your cross of blue flame in front of us, in back of us, on either side, above and below us, and SEAL! SEAL! SEAL! us in your cross of blue flame, now and forever!" Beloved, your calls never go forth in vain! The cross upon which you may willingly and joyously sacrifice your human consciousness is surrounding you at this very moment and always! As you place your human consciousness upon the cross of blue flame, you are now free, and this freedom shall be protected so that you may accept the divine consciousness of the Buddha.






A Buddha is a being who has overcome the final test of human consciousness, letting go of all that is in the world or of the world, to follow the golden path of God illumination that the Christ within has revealed. When I walked upon the Earth as Master Jesus, I said "Leave all and follow me." Each one hears this command at the exact moment when you are ready to follow the Christ within your own heart, so your first sacrifice is made by faith, as you release your human feelings to the Christ. Next, steadfastly following the Christ within your heart, you are led into the blue ray of God's holy will. There, you make your second sacrifice, which is the letting go of your human will to that of the divine. Having done this, you receive the absolute knowledge that the will of God is sacred, and your next step is assured.





According to divine order, the next step upon your path is the letting go of the human mind. Although this step should not be feared, most incarnated souls, still lacking understanding, believe that to 'lose the mind' is to lose all control and give up all reasoning power. The very idea of giving up your so-called 'power' stirs up deep fear, for human consciousness believes that the mind contains its ‘reason for being’, the very meaning of its existence. As long as embodied lifestreams believe that their reason for being exists somewhere within their human minds, they search there, and, not finding it, they accept other erroneous beliefs as well, including the belief in death and the concept of aging and the loss of vitality.

Therein lies the fear! These human ideas and understandings are the substance of your illusions out of which a prison has been built. Beloved, let your inner Christ burst this prison asunder, once and for all! Sacrifice your human mind to the divine mind of your I AM Presence! Believe me when I say, your reason for existence is given by God alone. Your 'reason for being' dwells only and eternally in the divine mind of God, and not in human thinking, be it your own or that of another. It is in divine mind alone that you must seek, and in seeking you shall find!

I AM Micah,
Angel of Unity

© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom