Beloved Chelas,

You may ask yourselves "What is Divine Order?" I tell you that it isvery simplyGod's Will, fully manifest in all areas of human endeavor and expression. This may sound complicated, as you consider the many circumstances and events that are propounded to be the Will of God. Humanity, subject to the return current of every ounce of energy ever sent forth, has woven an extremely tangled web about himself. The Cosmic Law you have come to know as "karma" often distorts the perfect concept of God's Will. This law demands that the energy which you have utilized must return to you to be redeemed, so that you may learn to use it wisely. Every rebirth is a new opportunity to Love yourself free of your self-imposed limitations.







Many choose to hold someone or some circumstance responsible for the effects of their misqualified energy rather than searching out the true cause within for that which binds them. It is so much easier to blame others for the effects of human creation. How many times have you heard someone say "It must have been God's Will"? The very term "an act of God" has come to represent the destructive return of misqualified energy. Until humanity is able to release itself from this concept, no lasting improvement will be seen in human relationships.  






Each of you has come into embodiment with a different momentum, and it is by combining and utilizing your particular talents as a group that you achieve balance in the world of form. The power of self must be transmuted by Violet Fire in order to accomplish Unity within the Human Family. Your work within a group means you have stepped above the personal in an attempt to achieve Unity. This, in itself, is Divine Order.






"I AM" grateful for your perseverance and dedication, for as you place your attention upon the Beings in the Octaves of Light, you allow Us to work through you so that all of God's children may experience the Perfection within God's Light and Life. We, in turn, are permitted to dissolve more of the mass karma which impedes your progress on this Planet. The time will come when all humankind will reach up into the Light of God, and draw forth the Perfection of God's Kingdom.

I so decree itas the Divine Principle within God's Light!

"I AM" Principa

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom