Beloved Friends,

I AM filled with love and gratitude as I stand before you today... love for the Divine Flame that blazes at the heart of each one of you, and gratitude for the opportunity to witness the strength and growth of that Flame! It is wonderful!

I AM generally forthright and assertive in my counsel. For that reason, I AM considered to be somewhat of a taskmaster. It is true that I do no waste words, nor are my addresses usually filled with flowery phrases or platitudes. I do occasionally give you an effective visualization, because in the time I spent with my beloved friend, Kuthumi, I learned to take time to smell the roses, and enjoy the beauty in life around me!

In my service as Chohan of the First Ray, and as Cosmic Representative of God's Will, I have had to make tenacity and one-pointed resolve integral parts of my Being. It is my responsibility to shed the Light of God's Holy Will into every corner of humanity's consciousness, till all darkness is consumed by that Light. The Will of God brooks no compromise! It cannot be bent to the purpose of human will, nor can its edges be softened in order to avoid offending the sensibilities of those who call It forth! God's Will is inviolate, and contains within itself all of the individual attributes which comprise the Seven Spheres of Service.

Many have used the words God's Will to excuse and explain away all manner of misuse of their life energy, even against the very Principle by which they claim to be ordained. Others claim to have no idea of what God's Will is, especially as it pertains to themselves. The Truth of the matter is that few of these individuals have ever inwardly and earnestly sought the Will of God for their own lifestreams. Of those who have, many were not pleased with the Will of God when it was presented to them!

What is the Will of God? It is simply this: Divine Order in all things; Divine Love, expressed through all life; Divine Unity with the Eternal Source of life - the One God - from whence we came.

Of course, on the earth plane, the Will of God, as a principle of living, can seem much more complicated. I use the word 'seem' advisedly, for Divine Order stands behind the veil of every apparently chaotic situation, and Divine Order will manifest, whenever and wherever the principles of Love and Unity are the guiding forces of action.

You see, every man has a particular part to play in the theater of life, and that part is intended to be for the good of the whole. As long as any man pursues his daily activities merely for the satisfaction of his personal desires, rather than on the basis of what is best for all those within his sphere of influence, he will continue to be out of tune with Divine Will. For every inharmonious note played in the symphony of man's life, there results an inharmonious echo in the COSMOS.

Many among the race of humankind now seek, searching for their part in the Divine Plan. They rush hither and yon, from this book to that activity, even from one part of the world to another, until they are often completely confused. To these I say: Stop and listen! Your answer lies within yourself! Do not seek for another man to tell you his truth, when the only truth there is waits patiently within your own heart! BE STILL, and KNOW that 'I AM' GOD! 'I AM' that 'I AM', and 'I AM' is all there is!

To these seekers, I also say: Call on me! I AM your Friend, and as a Representative of God's Holy Will, I will be at your side whenever you call, to help you discover the Truth of God's Will, which lies within!

Those of you who seek no more, those of you who have glimpsed your place in the Divine Pattern, and who are earnestly striving to embody that pattern, I say: Keep on keeping on!, but do take time for rest and refreshment of Spirit!

I well remember that moment when I was asked by the Maha Chohan whether I would be willing to embody the Spirit of God's Will for the Earth. The desire to Serve, the joy of receiving such an opportunity, and, I will confess, a certain amount of wondering if I could fulfill this office with the perfection I desired, were all a part of my initial reaction. I proceeded to move at a frenzied pace toward the achievement of the lofty ideals I held in my mind. However, after busily considering all the ways and means of accomplishing this task which had been laid before me, I learned that the perfect momentum of service could only manifest when I remained calm and quiet, centered completely within the Heart of God. Beloved Ćolus, Who was the Maha Chohan at that time, had a twinkle in his eye, when I returned to him with my lesson in hand, walking with a much calmer, more measured tread.

I will suggest a guideline which may prove helpful to you. For every ounce of energy which you expend for the benefit of humanity, through fulfillment of your own Divine Plan, spend one equal ounce of energy in silent communion with the Presence of God "I AM" within you. You will find that the energy and time you spend in adoration of, and communion with, your "I AM" Presence will increase the effectiveness of your outreach work a thousand-fold. Experiment to achieve the balance and rhythm of service which is comfortable to you, so that your work for God and humanity is always a joy and a privilege, and never a chore or a burden.

As you find your balance, you will see that expression of the Will of God in all situations will smooth your upward path to a degree that is indescribable. Divine Order will prevail in all instances. At the touch of your aura, every person with whom you come into contact will experience an upward surge of the Sacred Threefold Flame within their hearts. Divine Love breeds Divine Love, Divine Order breeds Divine Order, and Divine Unity draws all life within Itself. Such is the Will of God for all humankind!

I enfold you in the Love of God, and I bid you good day!


© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom