Pink, Gold and Blue


The mental plane, represented by the First Ray, is the point at which ideas are formed, and from which they are released. Of course, you know this is the Ray of the Will of God, and also of Faith and Protection. These are the qualities of the Father Aspect of Divinity, and the ideas which may be brought forth are as endless as creation, itself. As well, they are unlimited in scope, needing only to be claimed by those who desire them, and developed into plans to benefit life. It is truly an ever-flowing River of Life, from which all are welcome to drink of the Creativity of God, so freely available to humanity.

In the Second Sphere, ruled by the "Son of God", the creative ideas of the Father develop and are made ready for manifestation. This is the Ray of Divine Intelligence, in and through which the seed idea of the Father, nurtured by the Love Nature of the Mother Aspect of Divinity, comes forth into the Golden Manifestation - made visible to the sight of all!

The Third Sphere - already mentioned as the Mother Aspect of Divinity, is the Pink Ray of Divine Love - of Holy Spirit - the Love Nature of God himself. Holy Spirit is the receptacle into which the Divine Ideas are sent, to be loved and nurtured until the "Golden Man" may be born.

All people upon the Earth must understand the Divine Principle of the "Holy Trinity", for it must be complete before the Ascension may be attained. Every person on Earth initially comes from one of the First Three Spheres. The Holy Christ Self, which is the Complete Manifestation of the first three spheres upon the Inner Levels of Light, dwells within the Fourth Sphere, remaining in the Temples of the Ascension until Its physical counterpart is prepared to draw it forth into the physical plane of expression.

At that time, it is literally drawn forth into the Heart Flame, becoming the "Golden Man" - or "manifestation" - within the Heart Flame Itself. Prior to that, the Spark of Divinity - which dwells in the Heart of every man, woman, and child in manifestation on the Earth, is sealed within its protective chamber, nourished by the Holy Christ Self from the Ascension Temple within the Inner Levels. When the Divine Principle of the Holy Trinity is understood and balanced fully enough within the outer vehicles to accept the Christ Flame within the physical heart, the "Spark" is released from its protective chamber and becomes the "Flame".

By the time that this event may take place, the individual lifestream has come to the understanding that he is a "Child of God", and that God lives, in some way, inside of his heart. He has begun to sense and feel the stirring of his Threefold Flame, even if he does not yet quite understand it.

The Spark cannot become the Flame until the "atmosphere" in the heart chakra is sufficiently purified of lower consciousness to permit the Three-Fold Flame to exist within the physical heart center without harm.

This will give you a fuller understanding of why the Violet Fire is such a blessing to those who have knowledge of it. The purification of the four lower vehicles and consequently - the Heart Center - may be accomplished so much more quickly than is possible otherwise. Using the Violet Transmuting Flame also serves to teach you of the ways in which you may consciously use the Sacred Fire in all its aspects as you develop as a chela upon the Path to Spiritual Mastery.

Your Friend and Counselor,

John, the Beloved

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom