I salute the Divinity that dwells on the Altar of your Heart, and I bow to the All-Pervading Eternal Light that dwells in ALL that IS.

The mysteries of Life are many. One by one they will cease to appear to be mysteries as your understanding is expanded, and as you see and realize the TRUTH of the individual entity, the ONENESS of ALL LIFE. Throughout the whole of the realm of Nature there is a profound similarity a profound ONENESS. It is found in flowers, trees, blades of grass, insects, animals, birds and humankind, for they all spring into being, grow and fade away in like manner. Winds and rivers, tides and clouds, rainbows and dewdrops, are all affected by the movement of the great cycles that flow throughout and within all that IS.

A dewdrop is as great a mystery as is a human being. The element of a relationship is as great a mystery as is the enigma of the Universe itself.

There is but ONE Truth. I AM is ALL there IS, and the life-force of "I AM" flows via the elements through the veins of the human, the flower, the mighty oak tree, the tiny insect. It moves within the waters, and in the sun's rays, and drifts earthwards in the beauty of the snowflake. All these units are firmly bound by one common thread... All belong to the great relationship of EXISTENCE, and all are touched by the Breath of the One Universal Consciousness.

When we linger and dwell on the beauty and the majesty of a rose, and the great mass known to you as an elephant, and consider all the vast wealth of foliage that lies between the blade of grass and the giant sequoia tree, which endures while mighty Empires rise and fall - this is where wisdom is found. Wisdom is found in understanding the single unit - the Oneness of all Life. And what is it that holds this Oneness of All Life in Orbit? It is Divine Love.

One great Truth dwells within all. The Truth is yours, the Truth is mine, for the Truth belongs to ALL, and is the pivot of all that IS.

The great genius placed high on a pedestal by others and the tiny insect brought into Being by the breath of the Sun, are ONE, united by ONE Divinely fashioned power.

 Here we stand, in reverence and in humility as the breath of life dresses all nature in the most beautiful and majestic of robes.

Communion with natural beauty, and loveliness, will lead towards a healthy mental vehicle, a healthy emotional vehicle, a healthy etheric vehicle, and hence to a radiantly healthy physical vehicle.

Let us all, you and I, dedicate ourselves to Loving all Life, and all that is Noblest and Best in Humanity, and acknowledge and affirm the Sacredness of All Life, through matter and spirit, in sunbeam and in cloud, in the day and in the night, in life and in death, that each may reach the Planes of Eternal Light - the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, wherein none are deaf and none are blind.

My beloved and precious ones, build palaces of joy on the altars of your Hearts, that the Earth may be filled with the sweet incense of your Heavenly Dreams, that you may become Living Suns, spreading the Glory and Majesty of the All-Pervading Light around and among all, for in the little things you will see the seed of all that is the greatest, and loving all life will feed the world with the Divine Love that has been placed within the Sacred Flame on the altar of your Heart.

In the Great Silence, seek to hear the Song of your Soul, and in the noise of the market-place, seek to find the sweet solar quiet of heavenly peace - the peace that passeth the understanding of the human mind.

Tread gently through the flowerbeds, at all times on footsteps of peace

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom