It is my desire that each one of you focus your attention upon the fact that every man, woman and child upon this planet Earth has Freedom within their heart. It is your birthright as a child of God.

The Freedom of which I speak is the Threefold Flame within every beating heart. This Flame is your life - your ALL, for as you know, in perfect balance, it becomes the vibratory activity of the Ascension Flame.
It is called by many names, such as "the Pearl of great price", or the "the jewel in the Lotus". These words mean the same - the Ascension; the "way back home"!

The Flame within the heart of every human is their Freedom, and it can never be stilled - no matter what the threat - or what the prison - for no bars of human consciousness can ever hold it or contain it in any way.

Let us expand this Flame right now! Just for a moment realize that the Flame within your heart is your Divinity, and your connection with all life everywhere. This Flame is intelligent, and it yearns always to be the ruling force of your lifestream, because that is its birthright, and it cannot help but be true unto itself.


You now know the secret of Life! It is so simple! Why, then, is your life imprisoned? The mind imprisons; the emotions imprison; the flesh imprisons; not that it is intended, mind you, but because of what you have been taught throughout many embodiments. The mind, accepting a belief in limitation, must limit. The emotions, accepting fear, binds you within that fear. Your mind and emotions then begin to control your life expression. The physical body, exquisite at its creation, is but the result of the activity of mind and
emotions. It is the vehicle in and through which they express; the house in which they live.

What is it then that you must do? First, you must remember your own perfection! Then, you must speak to it and call if forth once more! Human consciousness tells you that words do not count, and cannot hurt you, but you must remember that when God spoke the word, creation took place! You must speak to your own Divinity, acknowledge it and call it forth!

Speak to the Flame within your heart! Speak thus: "Awake to the dawn of a new day! Awake from that which is but a dream to the reality of your new day!"

The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom